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right from Art Library- bringing newness to your interior every month- to Happy ...... At present, this is happening in the form of a two-wheeler driving training school in the small towns of Mathura (U.P.) and Bharatpur. (Rajasthan). .... At the D.Y.Patil University and Stadium, I had been into the menu planning and have.
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Hellobiz | Page No 2

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CONTENTS 01. Editorial


02.Business Feeds


03. Longer Lives, Better Living.


04. The Beggar + The Billionaire


05. Beauty With Purpose – Story Behind Miss World Organisation


06. Miss world Winners of India


07. 5 Mistakes of Startup Fundraising And What To Do Instead


08. Ginger Cup : Way to engage your customers during tea breaks


09. 4 Tips for Navigating Adversity and Change


10. AatmNirbhar - Social Entrepreneurship venture for Women


11. Risen like a Phoenix from the Ashes


12.Turmeric- The Golden Spice Of India


13. Business 2018 - Brands and Trends.


14. My Gov My India


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06. Miss world Winners of India


04. The Beggar + The Billionaire


06. Miss World winners of india


11. Risen like a Phoenix from the Ashes


with the editor

Dear Business Owners and Readers, Feeling very proud to have Manushi Chillar at coverpage of our 7 th edition. Congratulations Manushi! Really we have each day as the real reward. Connecting new professionals across the globe. Sharing things with each other. Making life bigger day by day. Celebrate each ordinary moment. It’s the ordinary moments that create the beauty in your life. Celebrate each day, each week and cheers to this gorgeous, blessed life which have been given. These ordinary moments are the moments that change destiny. Don’t compare yourself or try to be someone else. There's always someone out therewho has more money, a more (perceived) perfect relationship, or something which you don’t have. Comparing yourself or trying to be someone else is a game you’ll never win. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself” everyone else is taken." You have a way about you that no one else has. You bring something special to the world. Everything you do, only you can do in the special way that you do it. The world is your classroom and the people in it are your assignments.  Every interaction you have encountered with the people in this world is a lesson to teach you something you need to learn.

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It’s not about you. Focus on serving others and your stress and expectations on how you should do this life will be lifted.

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Expand your circle. No, this doesn’t mean you need to go network with a bunch of new people, but actually meeting your customers, like minded business owners  (in real life) is where the magic happens. Timing is everything. In life, things rarely go as you expect them to. When timing doesn’t add up, it’s the most annoying thing in the world, but it also needs to be taken as a sign. You just have to trust it’s all happening for a reason because more often than not, it always is.

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Together we can create magical positive difference. Those who have connected with us, we share definitely maximum with them to be super Changers in business. Will be back on first day of New Year, to share with you, new great success stories. Wishing you great 2018. Be Happy and don’t forget to make others happy. We are starting one lovely project to make this happe