HEP 2018 - Agenda - Partners of the Americas

Building and Inclusion through Internationalization, and Multicultural and. Multilingual Education ..... Speakers TBC from Microsoft, AT&T, Google, and. Facebook ...
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Welcome to the first annual higher education partnership conference Today’s world is increasingly interconnected. Workforce success requires institutions and individuals to collaborate across borders and develop new strategies for development and implementation of their projects. Professionals must expand their visions and outreach to a global scale, and interact effectively with international counterparts. Higher education institutions have risen to the occasion to meet this demand for internationalization, leading the way by increasing investment in international education programs, and developing partnerships with peer institutions in the region. This is why I am thrilled to welcome you to the second annual Higher Education Partnership Conference, and I look forward to the ways you will strategize, collaborate and build new partnerships across borders at this dynamic event. This year we will focus on how Innovation and Technology are being applied to expand and improve international education. Three sub-themes will complement our conference theme: Innovations in Collaboration, Peace Building and Inclusion through Internationalization, and Multicultural and Multilingual Education. Please join us in Cartagena for HEP 2018, a conference where we don’t just talk about partnerships; we build them.

John McPhail President and CEO Partners of the Americas

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Keynote SPEAKER DR. Adriana Gaviria Duque

Executive Director, Fulbright Commission in Colombia • PhD. Public and Urban Policy. The New School University (USA) • Master in Cooperation and Development. Universidad de Barcelona (Spain) • B.S. Anthropology. Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) • B.S. Economy. Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) Adriana Gaviria Duque has been the Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission in Colombia since 2015, where she previously worked from 2012 to 2013. She is also part of the community of Fulbright Scholars, having received the J. William Fulbright Scholarship for her PhD. in Public and Urban Policy at The New School University in New York. She is the first Colombian Woman and Fulbright Scholar to hold the position of Executive Director of the Commission in Colombia. Ms. Gaviria Duque has deep experience with Colombian government entities. She worked as Chief of the International Affairs and Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Culture (2013-2015) and held the same position at the Ministry of Education (2005-2008). She was also the Advisor to the General Consul of Colombia in New York in the areas of entrepreneurship and micro businesses (2010-2011). Prior to that, Ms. Gaviria Duque worked with the private sector in microfinance in her positions at ACCION USA in New York and the NGO “Un Sol Mon” from the “Banco Caixa Catalunya” in Spain.


Monday, September 24th Registration 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Welcome Reception, Semi-Formal Beach Attire 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

TUESDAY, September 25th Registration 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Open CEREMONY 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Professional GROUP & INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS 9:30 AM – 9:50 AM

COFFEE BREAK 9:50 AM – 10:20 AM

Opening Plenary Panel: Public Sector Strategies to Advance Higher Education Internationalization 9:50 AM – 10:20 AM •" Michelle Riebeling, Cultural Affairs Officer, US Embassy, Bogota •" Representative TBC, ICETEX •" Representative TBC, Ministry of Education, Colombia



E-portfolios, University Pathway Programs, and Strategic Partnerships: Addressing Multiple Stakeholders Needs •" Mark Oulette, Director International Center for Academic and Professional English, Office of International Affairs, Lehigh University •" Stacy L. Burger Director Global Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives Leh