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21 Aug 2015 - By end of reporting period, 37 children were in the stabilization centre. ▫ There were 114 deliveries, whereby 12% of which were through caesarean section. ▫ 206 patients are ... tonnes of super cereal plus. ▫ Likewise 131 HIV/ART patients, 2,304 pregnant and lactating women, 864 moderate malnourished ...
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21 AUGUST 2015

83,610 (as of 21


August) Number of Burundian refugees registered (biometric) in Nyarugusu camp

HIGHLIGHTS  More than 85,694 Burundian refugees have arrived in Tanzania since early May

2015 and are living in Nyarugusu camp.

63,658 Number of Congolese refugees in Nyarugusu camp

August and 17th August; the most used entry points are Buhigwe, Kakongo, and Ngara.

 A total of 1,288 refugees arrived in Tanzania between 11


 The average daily rate of arrivals into Tanzania is below 250 individuals.  As of 21


August, Nyarugusu camp is host to 151,651 refugees mainly from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

9,059 Number of Persons with Special Needs

60% Percentage of children among the Burundian population

17,769(as of 21 August) th

Total Enrollment of Burundian children in 10 Temporary Learning Spaces Children playing in one of the Child Friendly Spaces in Nyarugusu camp, August 2015

PRIORITIES  Identification of additional land to accommodate refugees  Strengthening health facilities  Enhancing protection monitoring activities  Construction of family shelters in Nyarugusu to house new Burundian refugees

Population of concern (new arrivals) Some 85,694 refugees arrived in Nyarugusu Camp from the beginning of May this year to date Refugee population registered in Nyarugusu

Number of children

Number of children under 5 *Note: this is an estimated population based on MHA recorded entries into Nyarugusu camp. UNHCR conducts an initial registration (household level) followed by an in-depth individual biometric registration of the refugee population (80,632). As of 30 July, 97% of the newly-arrived population has been registered.





Inter-Agency Operational Update - Tanzania

UPDATE ON ACHIEVEMENTS Operational Context Burundi's security forces have tortured suspected opponents of President Pierre Nkurunziza's third-term bid. This came after President Pierre Nkurunziza sworn in for a controversial third term on August 20, following elections in July where he got nearly 70 percent of the vote. The rights group has called for the beatings and torture to stop and wants an "independent and impartial investigation". In his inauguration speech last week, the president promised to end the violence within two months.

Protection (UNHCR, UNICEF, IRC, TRCS, IFRC, ICRC, WLAC, Plan International, IOM, HelpAge, OXFAM, UNFPA, World Vision, Save the Children) Achievements and Impact Registration st

 As of 21 August, the total population of newly arrived refugees stands at 85,694 individuals. Among these, 83,610

individuals or 97% have been biometrically registered. Some 2,084 refugees are pending biometric registration. The camp is now host to a total of 151,651 persons of concern from Burundi (57.9%), DR Congo (42.0 %), and other countries (0.1%).  The rate of new arrivals into the country is below 250 individuals per day. The most used entry points are Buhigwe,

Kakongo and Ngara. 57.5% of the refugees are coming from Makamba region and 13.5% from Bururi region. Protection  According to protection monitoring at all sites, there have not been any mass returns.  Community based protection and training/orientations for Communication with Communities volunteers with all

camp stakeholders continue to be a priority. Child Protection  A total of 1,284 (Girls: 457 |Boys: 827) unaccompanied minors (UAMs) and 1,987 (Girls: 941 |Boys: 1,046) separated

children (SCs) have been identified.  23 children including 20 unaccompanied minors (UAMs) and three (3) separated children (SC) wer