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Find out more and book your place at www.hoddereducation.co.uk/Events ..... a small amount of land they own for themselves or, more likely in ... merchants, the business people, then the workers ... a) After they conquered England the Normans used the feudal system as a way of ...... telephone system was more advanced.
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AQA GCSE History

SAMPLE MATERIAL INCLUDES CHAPTERS FROM: ● Power and the People ● Elizabethan England, c1568–1603 ● Understanding the Modern World These titles have been selected for AQA’s official approval process

Trust the leading History publisher to help you meet the demands of the new AQA GCSE specification with print and digital resources that support your planning, teaching and assessment needs; complemented by Hindsight magazine and expertled, confidence-boosting CPD events. The following print and digital resources have been selected for AQA’s official approval process: Understanding the Modern World Student’s Book Understanding the Modern World Student eTextbook Health and the People Student’s Book Health and the People Student eTextbook Power and the People Student’s Book Power and the People Student eTextbook Norman England, 1066-c1100 Student’s Book Norman England, 1066-c1100 Student eTextbook Medieval England: the reign of Edward I, 1272-1307 Student’s Book Medieval England: the reign of Edward I, 1272-1307 Student eTextbook Elizabethan England, c1568-1603 Student’s Book Elizabethan England, c1568-1603 Student eTextbook Restoration England, 1660-1685 Student’s Book Restoration England, 1660-1685 Student eTextbook

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