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Consider then, as we approach the end of the Centenary of The Great War, the immense value ... the Western Front. UK First World War tours. 1918 Centenary tours. 15 Forgotten Heroes 14-19. 16 Development of Warfare. 17 The Normandy Landings. 18 International ...... 4-5 days Berlin by coach from £329. Options: Fully ...
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History Tours 2018 -19

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Steve Roberts working with Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation.

Foreword Imagine knowing little or no information about the role your relatives played in the First or Second World War – not an uncommon experience for many people of diaspora communities of former Commonwealth countries – only to complete that part of your family history while on a battlefield tour. This was the unintended experience of two Muslim sisters on the Remembering the Fallen tour in November last year with Anglia Tours and Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation – details of which you will find at page 15. After seeing familiar names engraved on memorials, the sisters were inspired to probe the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, with the helpful assistance of an Anglia tour guide. Remarkably, they discovered where their grandmother’s brother served, fell and was buried. They immediately delivered the news to their elderly grandmother who, before then, believed that there were no formal records of her brother, that he must have died somewhere in Europe, and that he did not receive a proper burial. In fact, he served and was buried in Basra, Iraq during WW2 and his service record and family tree was sufficiently detailed that they could identify him with certainty. For these two sisters, taking the tour brought the reality of their relatives’ experience of, and contribution to, the Second World War to life. Consider then, as we approach the end of the Centenary of The Great War, the immense value of taking young people to see, touch and feel the undeniable records, cemeteries and memorials that display the true diversity of the war effort, while teaching them how soldiers and labourers of all backgrounds came together, as brothers-in-arms. Young Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and others – who are increasingly exposed to divisive narratives that question their identity and belonging in Europe today – will find the confidence to say “yes, we were there too!”, equipping them with the knowledge to challenge those who deny the role that their ancestors played towards the history and security of the continent in which they live. As Anglia Tours Chairman, Colonel Alain Chissel recognises in his introduction, while the Remembering the Fallen tour is especially important for Muslims, learning about our shared heritage it isn’t solely for Muslims – and Remembering the Fallen highlights the contributions of more than just the Muslims’ contributions. Young indigenous Europeans will learn of the heroic bravery and compassion of decorated soldiers and labourers of different backgrounds, nations, cultures and beliefs, who came to the aid of the Allies in a war that was not of their own making. The team at Anglia Tours understands the value of taking children out of the classroom to bring history to life, while giving them rewarding and meaningful experiences. And at Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, we believe we can inspire a new dialogue which promotes understanding, respect and social cohesion based on the original documents that we have discovered. You can’t put a price on that. It is an absolute pleasure working with Anglia Tours. We could not have found a more inspiring, committed, passionate and professional group of people to collaborate with. Without hesitation, I commend Anglia Tours for the invaluable work that they do, and wholeheartedly recommend that schools and groups of all faiths and none engage with them. Hayyan Bhabha

Hayyan Bhabha

Hayyan Bhabha is Executive Director of The Muslim Experience in WW1 – an archival project of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, which aims to challenge anti-Muslim sentiment and extremism of all sorts by highlighting the unknown contribution of over two million Muslim soldiers and labourers who contributed to the history of Europe – and Co-Founder and former Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims.




Curriculum Relevance At Anglia Tours our starting point is to ask what course of studies your students are following and what you want to achieve from a tour. We will then offer a programme designed and planned specifically to support this. So whether you are teaching Key Stage 3 History, AS and A2, or the new GCSE specifications which were introduced in September 2016 you can be confident that your students will get a tour that is engaging, fun and above all relevant. Our approach has been endorsed by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and we are the first UK Schools’ Tours Operator to offer itineraries which have specifically been endorsed by a UK Exam Board.

Colonel Alain Chissel TD and Peter Bunyan with pupils from Royal Latin School.

Introduction Welcome to our 2018-2019 brochure for schools. The first thing to say is that, twelve months on from joining the Next Generation Travel Group, there have been none of the teething problems often associated with change. It was, and is, a perfect fit as far as we are all concerned, allowing us to progress onto the next stage of our development as a company by giving us the additional expertise of a wellestablished travel group and access to all of their considerable resources. There are a lot of events to highlight for this coming year – not least the continued endorsement by Pearson Edexcel, of the itinerary for our Surgery and Treatment tour. Designed specifically to support those studying their GCSE History Option: The British Sector of the Western Front 1914-18: injuries, treatment and the trenches. “The trip was educational gold” Reeds School We are pleased to announce that another of our tour itineraries, a walking tour which focuses on Whitechapel: crime, policing and the inner city, has just been endorsed by Pearson Edexcel. This means that Anglia is the only school tour operator in the UK to have two of its itineraries endorsed by an Examination Board – an outstanding achievement.

ABTA No.Y3463 ABTA No.Y3463

The major highlight for us this year is the Forgotten Heroes 1914 – 1919 programme. You will have read the foreword by Hayyan Bhabha, Executive Director of The Muslim Experience in World War 1 and Co-Founder of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims. The tour is not solely for Muslim faith schools. Although especially important to them, it is relevant to all schools. From a personal perspective I feel that this tour could go some way to help communities understand their shared heritage and to build bridges during these troubled times. The narrative that some 400,000 Muslims served under the British flag in WW1 is oft forgotten, not just by non-Muslims but amongst the Muslim community here in the UK. There is a shared history of comradeship, courage and endurance that needs to be told across the different communities and to ensure that young people from whatever faith or no faith understand the contribution made and its relevance today. As ever, for Anglia, our guiding team is perhaps our greatest strength. All guides go through a rigorous selection and training process that takes twelve months. Guides undergo a validation process in their first twelve months with the company and then every two years going forward. This validation process not only involves checking the quality of the educational content they deliver to your students but also their abilities as Tour Managers, ensuring every aspect of your tour runs smoothly. We involve teachers in this process and take their recommendations and comments very seriously – it all helps to improve our product and its delivery to you, our customers. It only remains for me to say that I look forward to meeting you either on a consultation visit, at an evening presentation or on tour either as a guide or a validator.

Colonel (Retd) A D Chissel TD Chairman, Anglia Tours


Delivering an Exceptional Educational Experience Anglia’s team consists of dedicated Tour Coordinators and administrative staff who have more than a hundred years of experience in travel between them – and they are on hand to assist, guide and support you throughout your tour from inception to conclusion.

Experience and Expertise

Easy to Use

Whether you are running a 1-day battlefield trip, a residential visit to Krakow or an enrichment tour to Berlin, we know that to deliver the exceptional educational experience, we need to have a clear understanding of exactly what it is you are looking for. Our team is perfectly placed to offer a selection of bespoke fully-guided tours designed to meet your specific requirement.

Taking students out of school involves a fair degree of work but our team will be there to support you throughout the booking process. We can advise you on your travel options to help make the most of the time you have available; offer advice on passports and visas and even help with risk assessments. So when the trip departs you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

Value for Money



We know the importance of keeping within your budget. We also appreciate you may need to get quotes from 3 different companies. Our Tour Coordinators can work with you to deliver a tour which offers real value for money not one which, at first sight, appears to be cheaper. Together you can consider the available options, design an itinerary which best suits your needs and which doesn’t have any hidden costs.

Booking a tour with Anglia provides you with financial security. We are a member of ABTA and the flights and flight-inclusive packages we offer are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. We are an assured member of the School Travel Forum (STF) and the holder of the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. We also include as standard, travel insurance specifically tailored to the needs of educational groups.



We know there are many factors that can influence a tour and that sometimes, despite thorough planning, things may not go to plan. In the unlikely event this should happen, with Anglia you won’t have to rely on just a UK based helpline. As our guide will be with you throughout your tour you will have support on-hand, someone you can quite literally turn to if you need assistance. You really could not be in safer hands.

Our aim is to engage, inspire and enthuse each and every student with whom we work. We want to give students every chance not only to take in what their guide is telling them but to allow time and space for personal reflection. To help achieve this our team can suggest a range of alternative sites, places which lie away from the crowded locations used by most other companies, places with stories to tell and time and space to take them in.

Excellent support, always at the end of the phone or email - I can’t thank her enough for going above and beyond. East Bergholt High School It was the best experience of my life and I will never forget all the amazing memories I have made. Student at Melksham Oak Community School I could not have coped with the level of admin on top of my teaching workload without her. Haringey 6th Form The advice and support I received when booking and running this trip was invaluable. As a teacher there is a lot of pressure when leading a school trip and so I would like to add my most sincere thanks as at no point during the organisation of or on the actual day of the trip did I feel worried; everything I needed was provided and everyone I have dealt with at Anglia has provided the highest level of customer service and support. I am incredibly grateful. Chestnut Grove Academy I have been delighted with the service from Anglia from start to finish; it made the process of organising the Tour easy, staff have always been helpful and very professional, and your services have certainly been beneficial to our students. Dean Close School I just have to say that I don’t think that the girls have ever enjoyed a school trip so much. They were so enthusiastic and had obviously found the whole experience incredibly moving. Thank you for all your hard work! Parent of pupil at Sydenham High School for Girls

10 Reasons to take a Guided History Tour with Anglia 1. Experience counts

6. Provide additional support to you

With over 240 combined years of teaching experience and 325 years of guiding school groups, our guides will work in partnership with you to deliver the perfect educational experience.

We know being responsible for students on a trip is a 24 hours a day job. So let our guides take some of the pressure off you. They will navigate, liaise with drivers, restaurants and hotels so you can step back and enjoy watching your students be inspired by what they see and hear.

2. Your safety is our priority Our guides are there, not just to work with your students, but to ensure the safety of the group throughout the tour. With backgrounds in the Military, Police & Teaching they can deal with any issues which arise - so you and your students really couldn’t be in safer hands. 3. Amazing, inspiring guides Our guides have the proven ability to engage with students – not simply talk at them. Using a range of quotes, images and period equipment they are adept at adjusting their delivery style to meet the differing learning needs of each student. 4. Do more in less time Our guides are frequent visitors to the places they lead tours to which means they have excellent up to date knowledge. So if a road is closed, a new museum open or major event planned they will be the first to know. 5. We deliver human stories Our guides use human stories to help your students make that vital connection with the sites they are visiting. So whether they are standing with their mates in a front line trench waiting to ‘go over the top’ or sat in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium waiting for the starting pistol and a chance to see Jesse Owens in the Final of the Men’s 100 metres, the ‘penny drop’ moments are endless.

7. A pre-trip visit to your school We will visit your school to discuss your educational objectives and agree a programme which delivers these. We will also offer to deliver a pre-tour presentation to parents which provides real reassurance and a chance to see what they are getting for their money. 8. Support materials We can provide you with booklets to use before, during and after your tour. Our guides deliver kit demonstrations, use images, quotes and documents to help your develop students’ understanding of events. 9. Personalised research If you know of former pupils who were involved in either World War or your students have relatives they would like to know more about, let us know in advance and our guides can research these individuals or the units they served with. We can then tell their stories on the ground they trod. 10. Detailed subject knowledge With backgrounds in research, teaching, writing and film making our guides have developed a wonderful depth of knowledge, knowledge they are passionate about sharing and with which enables them to challenge your students to look at history from a range of different perspectives.

The best part of the tour for me was the manner in which the guides and the office staff dealt with the challenges posed by the transport issues resulting from the weather. St Teresa’s Why would we travel with anyone else when you dealt with this situation so effectively and without any fuss or bother whatsoever. Misbourne School My colleagues couldn’t believe how fantastic it is having a guide ...it relieves us of all stress. St George’s School It has been superb to work with Anglia again on this tour - I knew that it would, but the experience underlined the reasons why I will be more than happy to work with Anglia again. Wellsway School The tour was brilliant, everything that was laid on for us, Dickie’s equipment and his knowledge were just brilliant. We got so much in to the day and the kids really enjoyed it. I have already put in for next year’s ‘Super Learning Day’ It was just brilliant having the experts too, the depth that added was incredible. St Clements [He] was an amazing guide and without him this trip would not have been as successful, his knowledge is outstanding and the props he brought with him really brought the tour to life. Longfield Academy of Sport


Thematic Studies & Historic Environments For all residential tours you get a pretour presentation to staff, parents and students. The Anglia standard.

8 8

To support Thematic studies focussing on Medicine in Britain and in particular the Edexcel Historic Environment of The British Sector of the Western Front 1914-18: Anglia has created itineraries endorsed by Pearson Edexcel as an appropriate introduction to this module.

A selection of the period medical equipment available for use.

Medicine Endorsement Statement This itinerary has been reviewed by the awarding body to confirm that it suitably enhances the teaching and learning process for the related Pearson qualification. A Pearson subject representative has attended the associated tour to ensure that its content meets the requirements of the qualification it is aimed at and to confirm that it is suitable for the intended audience of the qualification. The review confirms that the itinerary and the tour support the content of this qualification and that the locations covered in each visit and the key outcomes to be delivered as part of each visit enrich the overall learning experience of the course or part of the course it is aimed at. Endorsement does not cover the Tour Operator nor does it cover the suitability of the individual tour guide who delivers the itinerary on the day. The delivery of the tour and individual experience of the tour are not the responsibility of Pearson; participants are referred to the Tour Operator’s confirmation of booking for further information including pricing structures. Endorsement of an itinerary and a tour does not cover any other resources produced by the Tour Operator to support the qualification or that will be used to deliver the tour. Whilst Pearson is satisfied that the itinerary and the tour itself are capable of enriching and supporting the achievement of the qualification, it is not essential for studying the qualification. The official specification is the only authoritative source in respect of the qualification content and should be used for definitive guidance to ensure that all learning objectives are fulfilled.

Designed specifically to provide an engaging and relevant introduction to the warfare context and historical environment of Medicine on the Western Front, Anglia is the only School Tours Operator to be able to offer a selection of itineraries, for both one and two-day tours, all of which have been formally endorsed by Pearson Edexcel. The structure of these fully-guided tours allows students to follow the Chain of Evacuation from the front line, through a Regimental Aid Post and Advanced Dressing Station, to a Casualty Clearing Station and beyond. Making use of a selection of contemporary sources, including personal testimonies and photographs we look in detail at the experience of a soldier as well as the roles of stretcher bearers, medical officers, doctors, nurses and padres.

Tour Resources Kit Demonstration: Each of our Surgery and Treatment tours features both hands-on exercises designed to aid students in understanding the practical limitations which the environment had on those seeking to treat the sick and wounded as well as an in-depth, guide-led, demonstration of a selection of the medical equipment which was available to medical personnel during the Great War. Resource Booklet: Each student who travels with us on this tour is given a copy of a brand new resource booklet, designed specifically to support the learning objectives. Not only does it mirror the tour programme but it contains some wonderful illustrations and extremely useful infographics.

We examine the nature of trench systems and trench warfare to consider: how conditions in the trenches led directly to issues of ill-health; how fatigue and hours spent in the open exacerbated wounds; and more particularly how these factors affected those seeking to treat both the sick and the wounded. We look at the various modes of transport available to move men back down the line and consider the impact which developments such as blood transfusions and x-rays had on reducing the number of fatalities. Whether you choose the one or two day programme your students with a unique and thoroughly engaging experience.

The students were ‘buzzing’ when they got back and it will be extremely helpful with their new GCSE course. Colchester Royal Grammar School

If you want to see for yourself what this involves take a look at the short film on our website:

Options: Fully guided


1-day tour from


2-day tour from



To support Thematic studies focussing on Crime and Punishment in Britain, and in particular the Edexcel Historic Environment of Whitechapel, c1870-1900, Anglia has created an itinerary endorsed by Pearson Edexcel as an appropriate introduction to this module.

Shop on the corner of Gun Street and Brushfield Street in Whitechapel.

Crime and Punishment Endorsement Statement This itinerary has been reviewed by the awarding body to confirm that it suitably enhances the teaching and learning process for the related Pearson qualification. A Pearson subject representative has attended the associated tour to ensure that its content meets the requirements of the qualification it is aimed at and to confirm that it is suitable for the intended audience of the qualification. The review confirms that the itinerary and the tour support the content of this qualification and that the locations covered in each visit and the key outcomes to be delivered as part of each visit enrich the overall learning experience of the course or part of the course it is aimed at. Endorsement does not cover the Tour Operator nor does it cover the suitability of the individual tour guide who delivers the itinerary on the day. The delivery of the tour and individual experience of the tour are not the responsibility of Pearson; participants are referred to the Tour Operator’s confirmation of booking for further information including pricing structures. Endorsement of an itinerary and a tour does not cover any other resources produced by the Tour Operator to support the qualification or that will be used to deliver the tour. Whilst Pearson is satisfied that the itinerary and the tour itself are capable of enriching and supporting the achievement of the qualification, it is not essential for studying the qualification. The official specification is the only authoritative source in respect of the qualification content and should be used for definitive guidance to ensure that all learning objectives are fulfilled.


The poverty and misery experienced by many of those who lived in Whitechapel at the end of the 19th Century has fascinated writers and historians for more than a hundred years. It was an environment in which new and radical political ideas led to unrest and where petty and serious crime, fuelled by alcohol, drove the need for more organised policing. For those studying Pearson Edexcel’s Historic Environment of Whitechapel c1870-1900, Anglia is delighted to offer a fully-guided walking tour of the murky netherworld bordering the City of London and the East End – a tour, the itinerary for which, has this year been formally endorsed by Pearson Edexcel as an appropriate introduction to the Crime and Punishment Historical Environment. The tour will consider themes such as the problems of housing and overcrowding, the lack of employment opportunities and level of poverty, the settlement of immigrants from Ireland and Eastern Europe, pressures caused by the increase in Jewish immigration during the 1880s and the tendency towards segregation. Consideration will be given to the problems caused by alcohol, prostitution, protection rackets, gangs, violent demonstrations and attacks on Jews, and the difficulties of policing the slum area of Whitechapel, with its rookeries, alleys and courts, allowing students to establish links between the environment and crime. Focussing on the case study of the Jack the Ripper case, the tour will include a detailed examination of investigative policing in Whitechapel, taking in developments in techniques of detective investigation, including the use of sketches, photographs and interviews.

Specimen itinerary ƒƒ Liverpool Street/Bishopsgate: The East End in the 19th Century ƒƒ

Artillery Passage: The Historic Environment: Whitechapel at the end of the 19th Century. Housing and living conditions. Immigration into the East End

ƒƒ Brune Street Soup Kitchen: Poverty and provision for the poor. Dealing with the challenges of population growth ƒƒ Toynbee Hall: A changing political landscape: challenges to the establishment, the rise of socialism and anarchism ƒƒ Christ Church Spitalfields / the Ten Bells: What crimes were prevalent and why? The impact of alcohol? ƒƒ

Commercial Street Police Station: Fighting crime amongst the slums and rookeries of Whitechapel. Relationships between Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan and City of London Police

ƒƒ Wentworth Street junction: Jack the Ripper - a case study ƒƒ Gunthorpe Street Former site of George Yard. The murder of Martha Tabram

Guides were brilliant, they got the kids to engage - even the ones who were quiet. REALLY good getting the kids to look at sources. Redmoor Academy.

Options: Fully guided 1-day London walking tour


To support Thematic studies focussing on Warfare and British Society, and in particular the Edexcel Historic Environment of London and the Second World War, Anglia has created a range of tours exploring the relationship between war and society and the changing nature and experience of warfare itself.

Simon Gregor showing a view of Tower Bridge during the Blitz.

Warfare Specifications/topics These tours support all programmes of study and specifications covering:

, , , , , , ,

Thematic study: Warfare and British Society War and British Society Britain, Europe and the Wider World: 1901 Present Day Britain at War The Impact and Experience of war in Britain The Changing Nature of Warfare Warfare Through Time

The new generation of GCSE specifications require students to study a broad sweep of British history, understand change and continuity across that span and develop an understanding of the nature and process of change. For those following Thematic studies which focus on Warfare and British Society Anglia Tours is uniquely placed to offer fully-guided tours which combine visits to familiar battlefield locations such as Agincourt, Waterloo, Ypres, the Somme and Normandy allowing students to compare and contrast certain themes at different points in history. Themes covered could include the recruitment and training of troops, the impact on warfare of new technology and weaponry, the impact of warfare on civilians and the role of key individuals. Over the course of the tour students will be able to analyse in depth how strategy, tactics and combat changed as new weapons entered the battlefield, and how commanders responded to these challenges. From the longbow of Agincourt, and the massed muskets of Waterloo, to the static trenches, rifles, machine guns and artillery of the Great War and Total War a generation later, the tour will allow students the opportunity to develop their understanding of how warfare changed across a broad span of time. Pearson Edexcel London and the Second World War, 1939-45: For those studying Pearson Edexcel’s Historic Environment London and the Second World War, 1939-45, Anglia can offer a one-day tour exploring the streets of the City which explores how the nation’s capital dealt with an unprecedented threat and terrifying reality.

Specimen itinerary ƒƒ St Paul’s Cathedral: The start of the Blitz; significance of London as a target ƒƒ Christchurch Greyfriars: War damage in the Blitz ƒƒ Smithfield Market: Trade and industry in WW2; development of V weapons ƒƒ Old Bailey: Law and order in WW2 ƒƒ Paternoster Square: Attacks of 29 December 1940 and their impact ƒƒ Firefighters’ Memorial: Protection of the City and its civilian population ƒƒ Bank: Civilian deaths in London in WW2 ƒƒ Thames River walk: German intelligence gathering; use of aerial photography for identifying targets ƒƒ St Dunstan in the East: Legacy of the Blitz; what can we learn from ruins as historical sources; their benefits and limitations? ƒƒ

Tower of London: Civilian contributions to the war effort; total war; blockade and the Dig for Victory campaign; the end of the war

They were great. Ticked the boxes to revise the historical environment. Royal Grammar School Worcester

Options: Fully guided 1-day London walking tour


Options: Fully guided 2-day tour from


3-day tour from



Battlefield Tours You get Guides who engage and inspire your students. The Anglia standard.


Each Anglia battlefield tour is led by an experienced guide, chosen not simply for their depth of historical knowledge but more particularly for their ability to engage with young people. So whether they are KS3 students exploring the reality of life in the trenches, GCSE students looking at the role of the British Army on the Western Front or AS students examining the changing nature of warfare, Anglia is able to create a programme for you which will programme which will directly support your classroom based teaching

Remembering the Fallen at Tyne Cot CWGC cemetery.

Students studying the Somme battlefield.

WW1 – 1-day tour

WW1 – 2-day tour

With the battlefields of Ypres, Arras and the Somme all within easy reach of the Channel, a meaningful one-day battlefield tour is a reality, and what is more, if you travel with one of our unrivalled team of expert guides your students will cover far more in just a single day than many operators would offer you in a two-day tour.

ƒƒ Comparing the wide-open, predominantly rural, Somme battlefields with the mud and devastation of the Ypres Salient

Warfare Through Time; the Changing Nature of Warfare

Wherever you choose to go we can offer a programme which covers a range of themes including:

ƒƒ Looking at how the nature of the British Army changed over the course of the Great War

ƒƒ The nature of trench warfare

Surgery and Treatment on the Western Front

ƒƒ The role of women in the Great War


Specifications/topics These tours support all programmes of study and specifications covering:

, , , ,

War and British Society Causes and Events of the First World War

ƒƒ Life in the trenches ƒƒ The uniform, equipment and weapons of a British Tommy ƒƒ Developments in tactics and technology


, , , , , , , , ,

The Western Front The ‘actualities of war’ – the experience of soldiers on the Western Front

ƒƒ The treatment of casualties and medical advances

Anglia’s two-day tours afford an opportunity for you to combine visits to one or more battlefields and thus a chance to cover themes beyond those we can deliver in a single day. This could include:

Examining the nature and cause of battlefield wounds and how the treatment of battlefield casualties developed between 1914-1918.

Our two-day battlefield tours also allow more time for personal pilgrimages, the opportunity for you to follow in the footsteps of individuals and units, and time for reflection at the various locations visited.

So whatever your focus, whether you want a curriculum-focussed tour or are looking for wider enrichment, let Anglia help you create a truly memorable experience.

Kitchener’s Army – the Pals Battalions The relationship between officers and men Tactics and technology in the Great War The role of the Generals, in particular the Haig Debate

Another incredible tour with you and your tremendous guides. Still the best Battlefields tour group on the market. Thank you! The Hawthorns School

The impact of the Great War

A particular thanks must go to, our guide, who in my mind is the best I have ever had in my ten years of going on trips like these. He was simply brilliant (just like last year) and I know he made a real impact on the students and their thoughts on the Great War. Trinity School

Casualties and treatment Burial and remembrance

Options: Fully guided 1-day tour from

Options: Fully guided £79

2-day tour from



Enjoying one of Anglia’s kit demos.

Demonstrating period medical equipment.

Battlefield Studies For those who can extend the duration of their battlefield trip beyond two days, an Anglia Battlefield Study Tour is the most educationally valuable tour available. Your dedicated Tour Coordinator will work closely with you to produce a programme which meets your specific educational requirements. You could, for example: ƒƒ

Study the tactical and technological developments which were brought in as the war progressed, deployed in the offensives of 1918 and led ultimately to the Allied victory in 1918

ƒƒ Look at how the British experience on the Western Front changed from 1914 to 1918 ƒƒ Consider how the role of the Generals has been portrayed since the Great War ƒƒ Examine the civilian experience of both those on the Home Front and those living in occupied Europe

Our Battlefield Study Tours also allow for a more relaxing trip with more time spent at each location visited.

We feel the trip is a superb experience for our boys. I asked the staff who travelled with us for some comments or feedback and one of them replied that the trip was ‘educational gold’.

Trenches at the Staffordshire Regiment Museum.


Surgery & Treatment An Anglia Surgery & Treatment on the Western Front tour provides students with a wonderful opportunity to look at the development of medicine on the Western Front as part of a wider, more traditional battlefield tour. These tours, each led by one of our expert battlefield guides can examine: ƒƒ The nature of trench warfare and how conditions led to ill-health and exacerbated wounds ƒƒ How these factors affected those seeking to treat the sick and wounded ƒƒ The system of transportation ƒƒ The impact of developments such as blood transfusions and x-rays

Not only do they include in-depth, guide-led demonstrations of the equipment available to medical personnel during the Great War but each student who travels with us on this tour will receive a copy of a brand new resource booklet.

Really appreciated  the personal touch and all the support from Anglia on my first tour. Kings College Guildford

For those schools who are not able to take students on overseas trips, Anglia is delighted to offer a unique, fully-guided, Great War tour which is based wholly in the UK that will allow your students to benefit from the full Anglia experience. With a visit to a former training camp, complete with fully furnished barracks, both British and German cemeteries and a superb reconstruction of an extensive trench, this tour will cover a range of themes including: ƒƒ Recruitment and training. The nature of trench warfare and life in the trenches ƒƒ The role of women in the Great War ƒƒ The uniform, equipment and weapons of a British Tommy ƒƒ The treatment of casualties and medical advances ƒƒ Internment of aliens ƒƒ Repatriation and burial

There will also be an opportunity for the group to see period equipment and weaponry.

The tour was brilliant. As always the guides were amazing and covered any questions that the pupils had. St Peters Collegiate School

Reeds School

Options: Fully guided

Options: Fully guided

Options: Fully guided

3-day battlefield tour from


1-day battlefield tour from


4-day battlefield tour from


2-day battlefield tour from



1-day tour from


Rob Webb working with a group from Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation.

Getting to grips with WWI kit and equipment

Last 100 Days

Remembering the Fallen

2018 will see the culmination of events marking the Centenary of the First World War. Whilst it will, quite rightly, be commemorations planned for 11 November which attract national and international attention we should not overlook those actions which saw the British Army recover from near defeat to eventual victory. Anglia’s 1918 Centenary tour starts by looking at the German Spring Offensive, the Kaiserschlacht, which saw the deepest advances by either side since the opening year of the war. We then consider developments in tactics and technology employed in the Allied advance which eventually led to the moment when the guns finally fell silent. With visits to Villers-Brentonneux, Riqueval Bridge and the Somme American Cemetery, this fascinating one-day tour follows the events of 1918 from the German advance through to the breaking of the Hindenburg Line. Topics covered include the development of All Arms Warfare, the entry of the United States into the Great War, the Treaty of Versailles and much more.

Thank you for your patience and being so helpful.  We are looking forward to the 100th anniversary trip and the usual excellent experience shared with Anglia. Farlington School

Options: Fully guided

Anglia Tours is delighted to offer a unique educational tour programme, which focuses on the sacrifices made, in the First World War, by approximately two million Muslim soldiers and labourers from around the globe. This fully-guided, two-day educational tour is the concept of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation and explores the shared experiences of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu soldiers who fought united, side-by-side while accommodating each other’s cultures, music, gastronomy and religious practices, despite the difficulties of life in the trenches. It also showcases original photographs and documents recorded in English, French, Urdu, Arabic and Farsi during The Great War, including personal diaries and letters that did not make it home. Designed to encourage dialogue and social cohesion by building bridges of peace and understanding between people of different nations, cultures, religions and beliefs, while promoting the values of tolerance and mutual respect, this initiative has the support of faith leaders, politicians and public servants from the United Kingdom and across the world.

Specimen itinerary ƒƒ Neuve Chapelle Indian Memorial: A shared history – relations between Muslim and British soldiers; Muslim VC winners ƒƒ

Vimy Ridge: Composition of the Foreign Legion; attack of the Moroccan Division in 1915; Muslim soldiers in the Canadian forces; The story of Hassan Amat

ƒƒ Ayette Indian and Chinese Cemetery: Experience of men serving in the British India and Chinese Labour Corps ƒƒ Saint-Acheul French Cemetery: Recruitment and service in the French Army; personal stories ƒƒ Newfoundland Memorial Park: Trench warfare; trench construction, routine & everyday life ƒƒ Caterpillar Valley: Indian Cavalry and the Battle of the Somme ƒƒ

Notre Dame de Lorette French Cemetery: How was a Muslim soldier buried? Ring of Remembrance - what does this tell us about changing attitudes?

Right at the level of our students.  Great rapport with staff.  Flexible, organised. The trip was tailored for our group. Etonbury Academy

Options: Fully guided

1-day battlefield tour from


2-day battlefield tour from


2-day battlefield tour from


* Funding may be available


Each Anglia Development of Warfare tour is led by an experienced guide, selected for their depth of historical knowledge, their ability to draw out and illustrate key themes across a series of military engagements and, more particularly for their aptitude for engaging with young people. From Roman warfare right up to the present day, we have guides who can bring to life the developments in weaponry, army organisation and training, communication, medical provision, strategy, tactics and combat.

213 PPI Development of the Gas Mask.

Development of Warfare Specifications/topics These tours support all programmes of study and specifications covering:

, , , , , ,

War and British Society Britain, Europe and the Wider World: 1901 Present Day Britain at War The Impact and Experience of war in Britain The Changing Nature of Warfare Warfare Through Time


, , , , , , , , ,

Development of Firepower The organisation and development of medical care Changes in recruitment Changes in infantry tactics Development of military communication The nature of Trench Warfare Breaking the Stalemate Blitzkrieg and mobile warfare Combined Operations

Anglia is uniquely placed to deliver a thought-provoking and comparative tour covering almost any period of history. Whilst the main focus of our Development of Warfare tours has been the period from Waterloo to D-Day, your dedicated Tour Coordinator will work with you and our team of hand-picked and expert guides, to build a tour programme tailored to meet your precise requirements. If you want to see for yourself what your tour could include there are a number of suggested programmes on our website angliatours.co.uk/tours

Specimen itinerary Waterloo ƒƒ Quatre Bras ƒƒ Mont St Jean ƒƒ Hougoumont Farm ƒƒ La Haye Sainte ƒƒ Plancenoit The Great War ƒƒ Gheluveldt ƒƒ Bayernwald ƒƒ Hill 60

Sample tour: Waterloo, Ypres and Dunkirk This tour begins at Waterloo, the greatest single-day battle in European history, where the Grand Armies of the early modern age were seen for the last time, as mass infantry and cavalry charges met concentrated artillery and volley fire from massed ranks of canons and muskets. We then move to Flanders and the Great War where we explore how, one hundred years later, the Great Powers responded to industrial firepower. Here we examine this relatively new and unexpected form of warfare and the challenges it posed, considering the realities of trench warfare and the new technologies and tactics designed to break the stalemate. The tour concludes by following the route taken by British troops as they retreated to Dunkirk, stopping along the way to consider the evolution of the Blitzkrieg theory and the success it brought in 1940.

ƒƒ Langemarck Second World War ƒƒ Cassel ƒƒ Peckel Bunker ƒƒ Wormhout ƒƒ The Canal line ƒƒ Bray Dunes

[Our guide] was outstanding in every way and his delivery held both staff and students  spellbound – they laughed and cried in equal measure.   His leadership and organisation of the tour on the ground was exemplary.  10/10. Leighton Park School

Options: Fully guided 3-day battlefield tour from


4-day battlefield tour from


From Blitzkrieg in the West to the beaches of Normandy, Anglia’s team of expert Second World War guides have the capacity to cover almost every theatre of war in Europe. Whether you are looking to focus solely on the D –Day landings, want to examine the breakout battles that followed through the summer of 1944 or even want to include a visit to the Normandy beaches in wider study of warfare over time, Anglia is able to design the perfect visit for your students.

Pete Hawtin with a student group at Merville Battery Museum.

WW2 – Normandy Specifications/topics These tours support all programmes of study and specifications covering:

, , ,

War and British Society Causes and Events of the Second World War Warfare Though Time; The Changing Nature of Warfare


, , , , ,

The Origins of World War II Britain at War The impact of war and the transformation of British society The development of warfare Tactics and technology in World War II including Blitzkrieg, airborne warfare and amphibious assaults


The Blitz & the Home Front

In the summer of 1944, four years after being dramatically expelled from the European mainland, Allied forces returned in the largest and most audacious amphibious military operation ever attempted – Operation Overlord, the D-Day landings. The stories of courage and sacrifice, of slaughter and suffering, have seeped into our consciousness in the decades that have passed since those remarkable days in 1944, and deserve to be told as the surviving veterans reach old age.   Anglia’s expert guides will bring to life the experience of scared and confused airborne troops landing in the dark, lost and off-target far behind enemy lines; of untried civilian soldiers witnessing the carnage on the beaches of Normandy and of the men asked to enter combat with some of the oddest and most imaginative inventions of modern warfare. Our D-Day tours are tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to focus on the parts of the story most relevant to your students, whether that be a particular aspect of the operation, the experience of the fighting man, or the uniforms, weapons and equipment used.

Specimen itinerary ƒƒ Pegasus Bridge: The use of airborne troops; glider landings of the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry ƒƒ Merville Battery: assault of 9th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment ƒƒ St Mere-Eglise: Capture of the town by US Airborne Infantry ƒƒ Pointe du Hoc: How did 2nd US Ranger Battalion, capture this German battery? ƒƒ Omaha Beach: The largest D-Day assault area stretching over 6 miles ƒƒ St Laurent US Cemetery: The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial ƒƒ La Cambe: One of six German cemeteries in Normandy, burial place of Michael Wittmann (The Black Baron) ƒƒ Arromanches: The design and use of Mulberry Harbours ƒƒ Circular ‘360’ cinema ƒƒ Gold Beach - CSM Stan Hollis VC ƒƒ Juno Beach: Hobart’s ‘Funnies’ ƒƒ Ranville CWGC: Commemoration and conclusion

I’m very thankful that you gave the experience of going around Normandy. The things you taught us gave me a different insight on how the war went and the sacrifices people made for our future. I’ll remember this trip for the rest of my life. Pupil at Bishop Heber School

Options: Fully guided 3-day battlefield tour from


4-day battlefield tour from



International Relations 18

You will have an incredible educational experience. The Anglia standard.

Anglia is able to offer a range of fully-guided tours each designed to support your teaching of International Relations between the late nineteenth century and the present day. Each of the tours in this section of the brochure will allow your students to further their understanding of the forces which shaped the modern world. For details of other International Relations tours take a look at our website: angliatours.co.uk

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

The Siegessäule (Victory Column).

Germany 1870-1990 Specifications/topics These tours support all programmes of study and specifications covering:

, , ,

International relations, Conflict and Tension, The Cold War, 1890-2014 Germany 1789-1991 Russia 1855-2000


, ,

Democracy and dictatorship in Germany Life in Nazi Germany, including propaganda, terror, repression and resistance

, , , ,

Europe between the wars Tsarism, Revolution and Communism in Russia

In the 150 years since Unification, Germany, and in particular Berlin, has experienced almost continual change. Whether through revolution, democracy, or the sheer will of the people, the transitions from Empire to Republic; Fascist Dictatorship to Soviet Occupation; Partition to Reunification, have all left their mark on the city and its people. Each Anglia tour to Berlin provides your group with the perfect opportunity to explore modern German history. With flights available from a range of UK airports your dedicated Tour Coordinator will work closely with you to produce a programme that meets your specific educational requirements and includes visits to key sites. You might want to: take a tour of the Reichstag building once again the seat of German Government; visit the site of the former Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp; explore the Cecilienhof, site of the post-war Potsdam conference; walk along Bernauer Strasse and trace the former course of the Berlin Wall - there is simply so much to see and do.

Road to Power For those studying the rise to power of the NSDAP Anglia is able to offer a range of bespoke fully-guided school history trips all of which examine how, in just over a decade, the Nazi Party managed to grow from a provincial right wing group to undisputed ruler of the German state. Our two centre Munich and Nuremberg programmes offer the opportunity to: retrace the route of the 1923 Putsch; visit the former Concentration Camp of Dachau and explore the extraordinary party rally grounds in Nuremberg to examine how the party harnessed propaganda to achieve mass popularity. Alternatively, over 4 or 5-days you can follow the path taken by the NSDAP from its origins in the beer halls of Bavaria, through to its accession to power in Berlin. This longer tour offers a chance to: consider how the Party and its leader changed after 1933; examine the widespread use of terror and look at the experience of those persecuted by the Nazi regime.

The Cold War in Europe Germany divided and reunited

So knowledgeable and provided a much greater historical insight into the stands visited than the staff could have done.

Anglia is the only company we would consider for these trips. Comberton Village College

The Fitzwimarc School

Options: Fully guided 2-4 days Berlin by air from

Options: Fully guided £279

4-5 days Berlin by coach from £329

2-3 days Munich & Nuremberg by air from


4-5 days Munich, Nuremberg & Berlin by air from




Victims of the Berlin Wall on the East Side Gallery.

Gleis 17 Memorial, Berlin.

Life in Nazi Germany

The former Berlin Wall along Bernauer Strasse.

Cold War Berlin

Berlin is the perfect location for those wishing to study the impact National Socialism had on Germany and those living in it – and there is no better way to explore Berlin than on an Anglia guided tour. Key visits include: an extended walking tour of the city centre, taking in the Reichstag building, Brandenburg Gate and the series of memorials commemorating those persecuted by the Nazis; a comprehensive guided tour of the former Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp site; a tour of the stadium designed and built for the 1936 Olympics; a visit to the Topography of Terror, former headquarters of the Gestapo and SS. With the option of flying from various UK airport or travelling out by coach there are so many possibilities so why not speak with one of our expert Tour Coordinators who will be able to help you with every aspect of your tour.

The tour guides were fantastic… The students must have said something to their parents and the texts to my phone started coming in late last night all saying how their children enjoyed the trip and they found the guided tours very informative indeed.

Life in the GDR

Almost 30 years on there may be little left of the wall which once divided the city, but despite this Berlin remains the place to visit if you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Cold War. Our team of expert Berlin guides, many of whom saw military service in the city during the Cold War, have an in-depth knowledge which means we can take you to locations that other tour operators may not offer. Whether your focus is the: onset of the Cold War; the Blockade and the Airlift; the construction of the Berlin Wall; life under the Communist regime; the fall of the Wall and the path to reunification we can deliver the perfect tour to support your chosen GCSE and A level courses. Alternatively if you’re looking for a wider enrichment tour to one of Europe’s most dynamic and exciting cities having an Anglia guide with you throughout means you really could not be in safer hands.

The German Democratic Republic was born of the partition of Germany imposed at the end of the Second World War. The former Soviet Occupation Zone comprised 40% of post-war German territory in which lived, at its inception, 18 million people. It was a state that would see its population fall by over 2 million over the 40 years of its existence. Anglia’s fully-guided Life in the GDR tour to Berlin examines life in the ‘socialist nation-state of workers and peasants’ better known as East Germany. Visits will examine: ƒƒ Everyday life in the GDR ƒƒ Popular support for the SED ƒƒ The Stasi, its methods and activities ƒƒ The role of the FDJ ƒƒ Western influences, Willy Brandt and the impact of Ostpolitik ƒƒ Collapse of the GDR and reunification

Both [guides] were absolutely superb. Could not have been more accommodating and their knowledge is unparalleled.

[His] professionalism and engagement with the students is absolutely fantastic. They hang on to his every word!

St Peter’s Collegiate School

St Benedict’s School

Brentside High School

Options: Fully guided 3-4 days Berlin by air from

Options: Fully guided £349

4-5-days Berlin by coach from £329


3-4 days Berlin by air from

Options: Fully guided £349

4-5-days Berlin by coach from £329

2-4 days Berlin by air from


4-5-days Berlin by coach from £329

At the very heart of Hitler’s regime lay the belief that only those of German blood could be citizens and that nonGermans had no call on the rights of citizenship. The racial policies introduced by the Nazi regime led to the persecution, expulsion, imprisonment and ultimately extermination of millions of people across Germany and subsequently occupied Europe. Our fully-guided Holocaust visits are designed specifically to help further understanding of this most difficult of subjects. Each is highly thought-provoking and will leave your students with lifechanging memories.

Specifications/topics These tours support all programmes of study and specifications covering:

, ,

Nazi Germany 1933-1945 The Holocaust


, , , , ,

Development of Nazi racial policy Life under the Nazi regime Life in Occupied Europe The Concentration Camp system ‘Righteous among the Nations’

Stolpesteine in Berlin.

The entrance to Auschwitz Main Camp.

Road to the Holocaust

Auschwitz and Krakow

From the sites of Jewish homes, schools and community buildings in the German capital, to southern Poland where so many met their fate, this tour follows the process and the journey by which so many of Europe’s Jews perished at the hands of the Nazi regime.

Anglia has been organising school trips to Krakow and Auschwitz for over 18 years. Each visit is accompanied by an experienced guide chosen for their expert subject knowledge and ability to help further your students’ understanding of this most emotive of subjects.

Exploring the roots of Jewish life in Germany, the tour will also visit sites connected to the genesis of the Holocaust: The Topography of Terror, where Nazi policy towards the Jews was orchestrated, the House of the Wannsee Conference, where the mechanics of the Final Solution were discussed, and railway stations from which many of the victims were deported.

With flights available from a number of UK airports we will work closely with you to design a programme which meets your precise needs. On each tour we would recommend you look to include:

The tour culminates in a full day study visit to the State Museum in Oświęcim will afford your students the opportunity to develop their understanding of this most challenging of subjects.

I have loved working with Anglia Tours over the last five years, it has been an absolute pleasure and some of the best experiences of my career so far are on your tours! Helena Romanes School

ƒƒ A full-day’s study visit to the Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial Museum ƒƒ A guided tour of Kazimierz Krakow’s former Jewish community ƒƒ An opportunity to meet and talk with a Holocaust survivor or recipient of the ‘Righteous Amongst the Nations’ award

We can also offer a guided tour of Plaszow, Krakow’s infamous labour camp and Podgorze, site of the former wartime ghetto and location of Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory. The students were engaged and thrilled from start to finish and certainly left the trip with a new found understanding of the horrors that occurred in the Holocaust. My Principal is so impressed I will be looking to organise this tour annually! IES Breckland

Optional: Fully guided

Options: Fully guided

4-day Berlin & Krakow from


5-day Berlin & Krakow from


2-day Krakow & Auschwitz from


3-day Krakow & Auschwitz from



Safety Management System/Learning Outside the Classroom Anglia Tours is an Assured Member of the School Travel Forum (STF) and in booking with us you can be secure in the knowledge that we: ƒƒ Understand and facilitate the needs of educational travel ƒƒ Have an effective Safety Management System in place, specifically focused on travelling with young students ƒƒ Offer fair terms and conditions and the best financial security ƒƒ

Ensure our Health and Safety standards are maintained and our systems and procedures are fully audited annually by independent experts.

STF membership is the benchmark for good school tour providers; consequently it is an Awarding Body for the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge which Anglia was awarded in 2011. The Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP) endorses the Quality Badge and requests Local Authorities to recommend the use of Badged Providers and require the minimum of additional paperwork where Quality Badge accreditation is in place. This means that you can book your trip with confidence, meet your due diligence and reduce the amount of External Provider paperwork necessary. “Evidence… indicates the achievement of all LOtC quality standards to a high standard.”

What does our Safety Management System encompass? Coach Operators Anglia Tours considers the safety of all who travel with us to be our number one priority. We select our coach providers based on their safety, reliability and suitability for working with young people. We constantly review this provision through our comprehensive SMS and feedback from our team of guides. We are the only Schools’ Tour Operator in England to have been awarded BUSK Approved member status and our high safety standards ensure coach drivers on school trips are suitably accommodated to help minimise driver fatigue. For more information on BUSK and the list of approved tour operators please go to: busk-uk.co.uk Pre Tour Presentation Prior to any residential tour, a member of Anglia staff will offer to visit the school and give a presentation to the students, their parents and teaching staff. This presentation gives an overall view of the aims of the tour and more specific details concerning safety, food and accommodation. 24-hour Emergency Assistance

Anglia Tours Ltd is one of the only Anglia Tours puts guides on all of its tours as a matter of course. So In an emergency they are the first point of Argent Health & Safety, Quality Audit, contact. They are supported, in turn November 2017 by a Duty Officer, available 24 hours a day on a mobile number issued to the lead teacher. In the unlikely event of a major emergency an incident room would be set up at the Anglia offices and manned to give fast, efficient and ABTA No.Y3463 coordinated responses.


ABTA No.Y3463

Accommodation All accommodation we use complies with EU or local safety regulations and is subject to an inspection programme in accordance with STF requirements. Insurance All students and staff who travel on tours booked with us and originating in the UK, are automatically covered by Anglia’s Client Travel Insurance policy, underwritten by Endsleigh. Full details of all benefits and terms are available in the policy document which can be downloaded from: angliatours.co.uk/content/ uploads/2016/02/Anglia-ToursInsurance-Summary.pdf

Acknowledgments Anglia would like to thank all the schools and individuals that have given permission for quotations and photographs to be used in this brochure, with special thanks to: Academy Grimsby Andy Lock Frank Toogood Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation Ian Coyne Kew House School Marling School Melksham Oaks School Pipers Corner School Rodborough School Royal Latin School Salesian College Sean Cripps Simon Gregor Thurston Community College Tring School Woldingham School

Frequently Asked Questions Why choose Anglia? Each of our tours is individually designed, with locations chosen in consultation with you and your team. Once you contact us you will be allocated a Tour Coordinator who will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you organise and book your tour. What’s different about a guided tour? The students and teachers who come on our guided tours tell us time and again that it’s our experienced guides who make the difference. Deeply knowledgeable, full of captivating stories and skilled at connecting with young people, they bring places and events to life in ways that few others can. Can I undertake an inspection visit before I travel? Yes you can. We would be pleased to facilitate inspection visits for group leaders travelling to destinations they have not previously visited so that they can carry out their own risk assessment and experience at first hand the benefits their students will enjoy. Where can I find the latest travel advice The current global situation means the possibility of being close to, or caught up in, a terrorist attack is a risk faced by us all. Like all risks this needs to be kept in perspective and managed in a thoughtful and proportionate way. Please see the latest advice from the Outdoor Education Advisory Panel regarding foreign travel and questions around terrorism: oeapng.info/downloads/downloadinfo/6k-faqs-visits-and-the-threatfrom-terrorism/ We also advise you to visit the FCO website: fco.gov.uk

Are excursion costs included in my tour price?

How many free teacher places am I entitled to?

We will provide you with one allinclusive price based on your specific requirements. If you wish to add any extra services we will be happy to quote you a price for these too.

Anglia provides 1 free teacher place for every 10 paying students on each of our tours. That said, we know that some LEAs require a higher ratio of adults to students and where this is the case, we would be happy to arrange this for you.

What is a collective passport and how can I get one? A collective or group passport is an easy and cost-effective way for approved groups of students to make trips to certain European countries. You can download a copy of the application form from the ‘Directgov’ website or request a copy from the Identity and Passport Service. Some members of my group have non-UK passports. Is this a problem? Not at all. Although it is ultimately the responsibility of the school to ensure all those travelling in their group hold the necessary documentation your Tour Coordinator will be happy to advise you who to contact. Can you help with Risk Assessments? Yes we can. All our tours comply with the latest DfE guidelines that relate to Health and Safety on educational visits. Our Safety Management System includes generic risk assessments of activities and venues included in many of our tours which we will be pleased to forward to you. Are your guides DBS checked? Yes they are. At Anglia we require all our guides to hold valid Disclosure Certificates.

Can you cater for special needs and disabled passengers? Yes we can. Anglia is committed promoting and providing access for all. We ensure that all who travel with us receive the same excellent service and unique experience. Is our money safe with Anglia Tours? Anglia Tours Limited is a member of ABTA. ABTA and ABTA members help holidaymakers to get the most from their travel and assist them when things don’t go to plan. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct. For further information about ABTA, the Code of Conduct and the arbitration scheme available to you if you have a complaint, contact ABTA, 30 Park Street London SE1 9EQ tel: 020 3117 0500 or abta.com All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays in this brochure are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. When you pay you will be supplied with an ATOL Certificate. Please ask for it and check to ensure that everything you have booked (flights, hotels and other services) is listed. Please see our booking conditions for further information or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to: atol.org.uk/ATOLCertificate


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