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are all great reasons to relax above the rooftops of Merano all day long. ∙ Palm Terrace and infinity pool: Mediterranean ambience amidst the Alps. Refreshments.
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Feel the spirit of energy

W e l c om e at the Hotel Therme Mer ano ∙ Located in the heart of Merano’s pedestrian zone ∙ Stunning spa complex with birds-eye views of the old town ∙ Contemporary design that reflects a lifestyle in step with the times

Serenity Freedom Weightlessness

THE S K Y S PA - A NEW OAS I S O F W ELL B E I N G ∙ Spa facilities encompassing 3,200 square meters, with a 360-degree view across the rooftops of Merano (minimum age: 14) ∙ Infinity pool, saunas, gym: a place of sanctuary, a place to simply be ∙ Holistic spa concept: a journey through the world’s philosophies for wellbeing ∙ Striking architecture and design that focuses on the essentials

Dive into pure bliss

sky p o o ls ∙ Outdoor infinity pool (22 x 8 meters) with access from inside ∙ Warm saltwater pool (32 - 34 ° C) done in natural stone ∙ Three whirlpools, each with a different effect

Reignite your zest for life

PANORAM I C S AUNA COMPLEX ∙ Finnish sauna 90 ° C - nordic heat ∙ Bio hay sauna 60 ° C - alpine aroma ∙ Steam bath 40 ° C - tropical warmth ∙ Plunge pool 14 ° C - invigorating cold

A space to simply be

RELA X ATI ON Z ONE ∙ Furnished in fine cedar, with comfortable loungers and seating islands ∙ Open fireplace makes the space warm and cozy ∙ Cocooned in a placid world, enjoy observing the hustle and bustle of Merano from afar

Get back in touch with your body and soul

P H Y S I CAL F I TNE S S ∙ Holistic approach to exercise and health, with spectacular views as a bonus ∙ Exercise program changes weekly ∙ Personal trainer for custom-tailored workouts ∙ State-of-the-art fitness equipment by Technogym

Eye to eye with the majestic mountains

360-D E G REE PANORAMI C TERRACE S ∙ Wrap-around view of Merano’s old town, Therme Merano Park and the surrounding mountains ∙ Yoga route: harmony for body and mind ∙ Comfortable loungers to sink into blissfully - and stay awhile

Refreshments that appeal to all the senses

SKY Bar ∙ Light snacks, healthy smoothies and sparkling drinks are all great reasons to relax above the rooftops of Merano all day long ∙ Palm Terrace and infinity pool: Mediterranean ambience amidst the Alps

Wellbeing for body, mind and soul

S ky S pa - t r e at m e n t s ∙ Holistic treatments based on the energy principles of the four elements ∙ Team of international massage therapists ∙ Stylish treatment rooms done in cedar and glass ∙ Exclusive line of spa products ∙ Jet Peel: an innovative treatment to rejuvenate the skin

The power of the four elements Water ∙ reduce stress ∙

fire ∙ activate energy ∙

air ∙ welcome beauty ∙

earth ∙ renew balance ∙

wat e r - fir e - a i r - e a r t h ∙ European spa culture fused with the curative philosophies of Asia ∙ The four elements build a bridge between the power of nature and life energy ∙ Harmony for body, mind and spirit

An oasis for the whole family

G a r d e n S pa ∙ Large garden with loungers: relax in the shade of palm trees ∙ Indoor and outdoor pool: Alpine meets Mediterranean ∙ Bio sauna: rejuvenate the whole body ∙ Steam bath: inner and outer cleansing ∙ Bathrobe Tunnel: direct connection to the Therme Merano swimming pool complex

Purist and linear yet full of warmth

D e sign & life s t y le ∙ Striking architecture and design by Matteo Thun and Hugo Demetz ∙ Use of high-end materials ∙ Symbolic of South Tyrol’s youthfulness and modernity, in combination with top-flight spa facilities

De-stress the moment you cross the threshold Calla Suite


R o o ms & suites ∙ Standard Double: simple yet elegant, with a French balcony ∙ Superior Double: stylish ambience with a balcony and panoramic views ∙ Suite: understated luxury and plenty of space to relax ∙ Calla Suite: distinctive atmosphere and undeniable elegance


Standard Double

A paradise for gourmets

R e s ta u r a n t o l i v i ∙ Everything’s fresh, wherever you look: creative cuisine and fine specialties ∙ La dolce vita for the palate: Mediterranean & South Tyrolean classics ∙ Breakfast until 11 am for late risers

Wind up your day in true style

Pa lm L o u n g e ∙ Popular spot for an aperitif or after-dinner drink ∙ Delicious cocktails, fine wines and refreshing drinks ∙ Cozy ambience with sofas and open-air cedar terrace ∙ Vibrant atmosphere with live music in the evening

Cool spot for a hot meal

B is t r o la pi a zz a ∙ Light Mediterranean cuisine served throughout the day ∙ Unique location directly on Piazza Terme, between mountains and palms ∙ Fusion of modern style with the charm of a Parisian bistro

The only thermal baths in South Tyrol

t h e r me M e r a n o ∙ Hotel guests enter the Therme Merano spa complex (25 pools) free of charge ∙ Easily reachable through our underground bathrobe tunnel ∙ Sauna complex, gym and day care center for children ∙ Therme Merano Park: a 50,000 m² verdant oasis in the heart of Merano

An Alpine setting with a Mediterranean lifestyle

Merano ∙ South Tyrolean traditions meet modern lifestyle ∙ Landscape in harmony with nature ∙ Rich cultural heritage and history ∙ Wide array of sporting and recreational activities

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