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You’ve got shit to do, but not matter what you do you just can’t seem to get ‘in the zone’. Sure, if you really wanted to you could chain yourself to your computer in your office or wherever you usually work from… But what if you decided to totally switch up your scenery and take a little creativegetaway for a couple of days? When I’m feeling stuck, but there’s still work to be done or deadlines to meet, my number one way to make stuff happen is to book a sick motel for a night or two. A couple of weeks ago I had a few things I needed to do that I’d been putting off for too long, so I decided to pack up my shit and head to Taupo for the night. It was exactly what I needed and I came back feeling refreshed + ready to rock.

H E R E ’ S H O W T O C R E AT E YO U R O W N G E TS H I T - D O N E - G E T A W AY : :

+ Decide how far you’re willing to travel, and what your budget is. Do you only want to drive a few hours, or are you willing to get on a plane? A note on the money thing : If you’re on a tight budget or you’re unsure about this, think about the outcomes vs. the investment… So even if you book a really luxe motel for one night at $200+, will the amount of work you get done in that time see you get that investment back in no time?

+ Get researching, then book it. A couple of things to consider when you book :: : Do you need a desk or a table to work at? Not all motel rooms come with a desk or a table, so if you’re unsure about this, give them a ring to double check. : Do you need Wifi, or are you able to work offline or take your own Mobile Wifi? Try not to spend too much time on this. Find somewhere awesome that you’re comfortable with, and book it.

H O W T O C R E A T E Y O U R O W N G E T - S H I T - D O N E G E T A W AY


+ Before you leave your house, write a list of what needs to be done. I find it so much easier to set a task list BEFORE you get there. This way you just have to open your computer and get to work. No fucking around or excuses to avoid the work. A couple of notes on this :: : Be sure that the time you’ve booked is reasonable enough to get this stuff done, and that you’re not overdoing it. : Set a time for each task. Take a rough guess at how long each thing will take, and write it alongside each task. This will help downgrade the overwhelm + make it easier to plan your time out. : Group smaller tasks together. Say you have a bunch of small Admin tasks you need to do — can you set aside an hour or so and jam them all out at once?

+ Stock up on food/snacks. Grab whatever food you might need on the way, so you have no excuse to head out and stock up.

+ Check in to your motel as early as you can. You can try contacting your motel before you rock up to see what the earliest check in time is, or just wing it. My favourite thing to do when I book an awesome motel is book in as early as possible so I know I’m gonna get my money’s worth. (On my most recent trip I stocked up on snacks, got myself a big ole’ Pita Pit for lunch, and checked in at about 1pm. It was fucking AWESOME — lotsa time to get shit done without having to work through the night.)

+ When you get there :: Commit. You would have already written out your to-do list, so the only thing to do now is get to work. Start with the hardest thing first, then move onto the other stuff. Commit to getting the work done, whatever it takes.

+ Get some space or some air when you need to. When you feel the need to take a break — make the most of the hotel’s facilities. Do they have a pool or a gym you can get amongst? If not, can you get out and take a walk or a drive somewhere? Refresh your mind, then get back to it.

H O W T O C R E A T E Y O U R O W N G E T - S H I T - D O N E G E T A W AY


+ Post-getaway, take the day off. Chill. Explore. Do whatever you want — as long as it doesn’t involve working. Revel in LIFE knowing that you’ve just hustled like a mofo for the last day