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Complete The Signup Wizard. Before you access the Seller Center, you must make a personal seller account. The Signup. Wizard guides you through this ...
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Apply and Qualify as a Marketplace Seller Sellers are chosen based on reputation, sales projections, and alignment with Walmart values. Sellers request an invitation to qualify providing information like their legal company name, online annual sales, etc. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an “Invitation to Sign Up” email.



Complete The Signup Wizard Before you access the Seller Center, you must make a personal seller account. The Signup Wizard guides you through this process


Complete Your Seller Profile You will need to complete the remaining sections of your Seller Profile in the Seller Center.


Penny Test Verify your account by logging into the bank account that you provided when you created your account using the Signup Wizard, and verify that a penny was deposited. It should show up as “WM Marketplace Penny Test”.

Complete Your Tax Setup To ensure that Walmart customers are charged the right tax, you will need to set up your tax obligations in the Seller Center.



Upload and Test Your Items and Orders To upload your catalog of items, choose an integration method and proceed with the item setup. After that, confirm that your items appear the way you want them to on and test your order integration with Walmart Marketplace.

Confirm That You Are Ready to Launch Once you have completed Steps 1 - 6 as completed on the checklist, you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you are ready to launch. If you click yes, a message will be sent to the Walmart Marketplace Integration team so they can make your account live.


Get Paid! Ah, music to your ears. Your business receives payment for your sales, while the marketplace takes a referral fee for various contract categories.

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