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Introduction Welcome to Ignite, the first music recording software entirely based on the creative workflow of musicians. Ignite lets you capture your ideas with unprecedented speed and combine individual ideas together to create a song. You won't have to worry about complicated setup, tracks, assignment of MIDI channels, or signal flow routing; thanks to its musician-centric approach, Ignite takes care of the necessary connections and lets you quickly start with what you really want: capturing your musical ideas! Main Features: •

Captures your ideas in clips of variable length

Edit audio and MIDI clips

Clips can be arranged in variable groups as individual, Multi, and Song clips

Individual and grouped clip playback

Connected Akai Professional, Alesis, or M-Audio automatically set up and mapped to available controls

Smart MIDI players support you in developing your initial ideas

Over 275 instrument sounds included

Quick and easy sound selection by instrument family, category, and patch

Intuitive instrument sound editing on-screen or from your connected Akai Professional, Alesis, or M-Audio keyboard controller

Volume, pan, mute, and solo control over instruments

Five included effects; Equalizer, Compressor, Delay, Distortion, and Reverb

Share your ideas on social network platforms via SoundCloud, directly from within Ignite

Export WAV and MIDI files, which can be imported into most major DAW programs 2




Support and Feedback For complete system requirements, compatibility information, and product registration, visit the AIR website: airmusictech.com. For technical support, please contact us through the Support page of our website: airmusictech.com/support.

Conventions Text The examples below explain when certain text styles are used: This style is used for important information, tips, or other helpful notes. This style is used for showing how to control Ignite using a supported Akai Professional, Alesis, or M-Audio keyboard controller.

Key Commands You can use keyboard commands and combinations as shortcuts for many functions in Ignite. In this manual, keyboard shortcuts are indicated with brackets. For example, when you are asked to press [Ctrl]-[Z], this means that you should hold down the "CTRL" key and press "Z" on your keyboard. Some modifier keys differ between Windows and Mac OS X systems. A keyboard shortcut that involves these may therefore read like this: Press [CTRL]+[Z] (Windows) or [CMD]+[Z] (Mac) Please find a list of all available keyboard shortcuts in Keyboard Shortcuts. 3

Quick Tour When you start Ignite, you will see the Home screen in front and the main Ignite window in the background with the Sound Editor Tab selected. Using the Home screen options, you can watch tutorial videos, check and change your audio device settings, open a demo song and more (see Home). You can close the Home screen by clicking the Close button.

Ignite Default View with New Session 4

From top to bottom, Ignite contains the following sections:

Menu Bar The following menus are available on the menu bar: File, Edit, View, and Help. •

The File menu contains functions that let you open and save Sessions, create a new Session and you can quit the program from here.

The Edit menu contains the undo/redo functions (see Undo and Redo), standard commands such as cut, copy, paste, and delete, and you can open the Home screen (see Home).

The Piano Roll sub-menu contains functions for the Piano Roll editor including note, grid, and tool selection (see Piano Roll Sub-Menu).