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Crawford Hall, Mysore University

Dear Librarian Welcome to the second issue of the Ignite newsletter for librarians in South Asia. We are overwhelmed by the response to the first newsletter and we hope that you will continue to find Ignite useful. We bring to you latest news on journals and online resources from Taylor & Francis and around the world. The Ignite newsletter is designed specifically for your community and offers insight into global publishing initiatives as well as some local news and features. We are already well into spring and so far it’s been a pretty productive year for the Taylor & Francis Library Marketing team. What do we have in store for you this issue? Taylor & Francis India celebrates 10 years in 2014 and we proudly bring to you a brief profile of our 100 plus strong employee organization. While you will enjoy reading about the 10 best weather places in the world, we have covered for you a special feature on the 98-year Mysore University’s Learning Resource Centre for Visually Challenged. The newly formed Sri Lanka Consortium is a giant leap for the UGC, Sri Lanka and we speak to Dr Pradeepa Wijethunga, coordinator for the Sri Lanka Consortium on how this dream was realized. We also bring to you awards that some of your colleagues in the LIS community have won in the past months and for authors, there is a special article on how to use social media; especially Twitter to promote your research. There is much more to read, introspect and learn from. So there we have it - plenty to digest this month, often best read with your personal choice of beverage in hand. We’ll be back in July, till then happy reading. Catriona Hauer Global Marketing & Customer Services Director

Visit the librarians’ area: www.tandf.co.uk/libsite

May 2014• Issue 2

Ta b l e o f c o n t e n t s 2   Taylor & Francis India Celebrates 10 years 2 

The 10 Best Weather Places in the World

3   The Sri Lanka Consortium: A milestone achieved 4 

Library in Focus: University of Mysore


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Taylor & Francis India Celebrates 10 Years Taylor & Francis India is celebrating 10 years as a branch office in 2014. This decade, and the years preceding it as a liaison office, has been marked by an increasing engagement with the Indian academic publishing space. Backed by a 216-year legacy of high-quality content, we have catered to academic, professional and textbook markets, successfully merging local expertise with global networks in South Asia. Taylor & Francis is one of the largest social science publishers in the world, and one of the leading publishers of online journals and eBooks. Publishing on South Asia forms a significant part of this programme under the well-known Routledge imprint, and is complemented by our South Asian publishing programme, Routledge India Originals (RIO). RIO has over 300 books on both mainstream and new and emerging areas relevant to the South Asian context, and publishes reference works, academic monographs and series as well as annuals. Another important resource in the area is the recently launched South Asia Archive, a fully searchable digital archive encompassing millions of pages of valuable research and teaching materials, providing online access to documents ranging from the mid-18th to the mid-20th century. India today is the third largest market, after the US and UK, for Taylor & Francis globally. Our business is characterized by a balanced approach with both print and online growing steadily. A ple