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Dec 16, 2015 - investment options to include impact investing, a strategy driven by ... allocated to one or more of the following: money market, actively ...
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Donor-­‐Advised  Fund  sponsor  expands  investment  portfolio  to  include  thematic  impact   investments  for  contributions,  further  maximizing  significance  of  each  gift     JENKINTOWN,  PA  –  December  16,  2015  –  National  Philanthropic  Trust,  the  largest  national   independent  Donor-­‐Advised  Fund  sponsor,  announced  today  the  expansion  of  its  portfolio  of   investment  options  to  include  impact  investing,  a  strategy  driven  by  socially-­‐conscious  choices.     Donors  may  now  advise  the  allocation  of  up  to  50%  of  their  Donor-­‐Advised  Fund  (DAF)  balance   into  one  or  several  community  notes  that  fund  thematic  impact-­‐focused  investments  such  as   food  and  agriculture,  education,  the  arts  or  women’s  issues.     “DAF  donors  are  continually  looking  for  innovative  ways  to  make  short  and  long-­‐term  societal   impact  with  their  gifts,”  said  Eileen  Heisman,  CEO  of  National  Philanthropic  Trust.    “Adding  this   impact  investment  option  to  NPT’s  portfolio  of  superior,  time-­‐tested  investment  strategies   creates  an  opportunity  for  donors  to  consider  societal  issues  while  potentially  growing  their   charitable  contributions  for  charities.”         Heisman  continued,  “As  NPT  approaches  its  20th  anniversary  and  far  surpasses  more  than  $3   billion  in  grantmaking,  the  addition  of  an  investment  option  built  around  positive  societal   impact  demonstrates  our  industry-­‐leading  commitment  to  delivering  meaningful  ways  to   support  our  donors’  individualized  philanthropic  values  here  and  around  the  world.”         National  Philanthropic  Trust  now  offers  six  investing  pools  for  DAF  charitable  contributions   (assets  under  management),  each  with  different  objectives,  risks  and  rewards,  including  mutual   funds  and  exchange-­‐traded  funds.    Donors  may  recommend  their  DAF  contributions  be   allocated  to  one  or  more  of  the  following:    money  market,  actively  managed  model  portfolios,   index  fund  model  portfolios,  personal  giving  strategies,  investment  advisor  and  impact   investments.    NPT  contributions  are  professionally  managed  by  financial  institutions  that  are   independently  recognized  as  being  among  the  best  in  their  class.  Impact  investment   management  partners  are  Calvert  Foundation,  Enterprise  Community  Partners,  Root  Capital,   and  RSF  Social  Finance.     About  National  Philanthropic  Trust   NPT  is  the  largest  national,  independent  donor-­‐advised  fund  charity  in  the  U.S.,  raising  more   than  $5.2  billion  in  charitable  contributions  since  its  founding  in  1996.    NPT  ranks  among  the   Top  25  grant  making  institutions  in  the  U.S.  and  manages  over  $2.6  billion  in  charitable   assets.    It  has  made  more  than  121,000  grants  exceeding  $3  billion  to  charities,  including  grants   to  charities  in  59  foreign  countries.    Each  year,  NPT  publishes  the  DAF  Report  available   at­‐report.  Visit  for  more.     1