Impact report 2015 -

experiences. You did the job and now I feel more at ease. Easy to navigate and good layout makes this a definite bookmark.” – Martyn. “It's such a good website, ...
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Impact report 2015

who we are Dear Supporter, Almost 50% of people in the UK now look for health information online and I’m proud to say that this trend is reflected in our website statistics. We’ve doubled our visitor numbers since 2014, to five million a year!

Luís after running this year’s

We’ve added six new health issues and started work on a new ‘mobile-responsive’ version of the site. This will make us more accessible to those using phones or tablets. So in 2016, we’ll help even more people.

British 10K in London.

But the visitor numbers don’t tell the whole story and you will notice, as you read this impact report, that we’ve been working hard to find out exactly how is helping those visitors, with statistics and testimonials to back it up. With thanks for your continued support,

Luís Carrasqueiro Chief Executive [email protected]

We are an online charity that provides health information, from patients, for patients, through our award-winning website Visitors to our website can find out what it’s really like to have conditions such as pancreatic cancer, stroke or depression by watching videos of others, sharing their personal experiences. We work with world-leading researchers at the University of Oxford’s Health Experiences Research Group, at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. They have interviewed thousands of people who’ve shared their story to help others who are having similar experiences. As a charity, our mission is to help and inform patients, carers and healthcare professionals by sharing trustworthy, personal health experiences. Our information is reviewed every two years as part of our commitment to the Information Standard, an accreditation that is awarded by the NHS as the ’gold standard’ mark of reliable health and social care information.

who we help Website visits (millions):

Visitors come from:

Most visited sections: Pancreatic cancer Motor neurone disease Urinary catheters TIA and minor stroke Menopause Cervical abnormalities Epilepsy in young people Bowel Screening Stroke Depression in young people

Visitor ages:

Visitors seek information for: Self, family/friends, work

how we help provides good, clear information 

9/10 can easily understand the information on the website

8/10 feel better informed

8/10 found information they didn’t find elsewhere

8/10 found answers to questions that they would otherwise have asked a health professional

7/10 found that the videos helped them understand the issue better

“Thank you for the clear information. I have just been diagnosed with epilepsy and I was having trouble finding concise information and others’ experiences. You did the job and now I feel more at ease. Easy to navigate and good layout makes this a definite bookmark.” – Martyn “It’s such a good website, and has talked about things I’ve experienced that I have never seen written anywhere else. I always knew a lot but I still feel more informed anyway. I love this website, it’s so educational.” - Jen “Big thank you for the menopause section of your website. It is the most accurate and useful information I have yet found about the topic. I am a husband that wants to support and understand what my wife is experiencing. Your site helps. Well done.” - Randy

Patients, family & friends supports patients and families 

7/10 feel reassured and less alone

7/10 feel that the people who have shared their experiences on the website understand what is important to them

7/10 feel better prepared for possible changes to their health

6/10 feel more confident in explaining their health concerns to others

“I’ve b