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significant benefits that improving diversity in STEM would bring for individuals and for the UK. ..... teachers who do not have qualified teacher status. (QTS)31. Teacher ..... hold a degree-level qualification as those without .... Computer Science.
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Improving Diversity in STEM A report by the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) May 2014

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40,000 annual shortfall of STEM skilled workers

BME men are

28% less likely to work in STEM than White men

CONTENTS Introduction Actions: Quick wins and big wins Foreword 1) Diversity: The big picture 2) The case for diversity 3) Overarching Issues Pipeline Teaching and Diversity Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) Work-life balance

9% of those in non-medical STEM careers are women

Diversity and government Funding diversity

4) Disability and STEM Steps forward Disability and Employment Disability and Apprenticeships Disability and Higher Education

5) Gender and STEM


Diversity and STEM stereotypes

The Campaign for Science & Engineering

Gender and academic careers

Gender and Education

(CaSE) is the leading independent advocate

Women in industry

for science and engineering in the UK.

Social disadvantage at school

CaSE works to ensure that science and

6) Social Disadvantage and STEM Progression post-16

engineering are high on the political

International comparisons

agenda and that the UK has: world leading

Higher Education

research and education; skilled scientists

7) Ethnicity and STEM

and engineers; and successful innovative

Ethnicity in the UK

businesses. Improving diversity in STEM is

Ethnicity and Education

essential to achieving these aims.

Ethnicity and Higher Education Ethnicity and the STEM workforce

CaSE is funded by individuals and


organisational members from industry, learned societies, universities and research charities. For information on joining CaSE, please visit our website.



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It is still the case that women, disabled people and those from ethnic-minorities or


socially-disadvantaged groups are consistently underrepresented, particularly at senior levels, in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Diversity issues also persist in other sectors, however, this report focuses on improving diversity in STEM due to the existence of STEM-specific barriers and challenges, and due to the

Make unconscious bias training mandatory for all members of grant awarding boards and panels across all 7 Research Councils. Department for Business Innovation and Skills and Research Councils

significant benefits that improving diversity in STEM would bring for individuals and for

Halt the announced changes to the Disabled Students’ Allowance and instead removes

the UK.

caps on financial support bringing it in line with employment support.

Since our 2008 report, Delivering Diversity, much has been written and recommended

Department for Business Innovation and Skills, HEFCE

to address the lack of diversity in STEM, but diversity is disappointingly far from being

Urgently review and amend the National Careers Service website with input from STEM

‘delivered’. What has changed is that diversity is high on the political agenda and this

careers specialists.

report puts forward ways that this political will can be converted into meaningful action.

Skills Funding Agency

This report brings together data and research to build a picture of the