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The resort will actually have been in existence for 42 years on 7. December 2015. .... Eringi Mushrooms,. Szechuan Pepper, Sesame, Apple Blossom .... Baros Maldives has for long been a breeding ground for Hawksbill turtles. This year there ...
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IN TOUCH magazine

IN TOUCH magazine — Baros Maldives. Welcome to this edition of IN TOUCH, our magazine created to keep you “in touch” with Baros Maldives. All of us at Baros Maldives look forward to being in touch with you every few months in this manner so we can provide you with valuable information on the Maldives and on our luxury boutique island resort. Imagine, we are even going to share some of our most delicious recipes with you and tell some of our best kept Spa secrets. We hope you will enjoy being reminded about Baros Maldives and that you will want to be in touch with us too. ©2015 . Contents and photos are owned by Baros Maldives and should not be reproduced , distributed , transmitted , or displayed for any commercial use.


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Spa Secrets What is a Poultice?

Once again we are celebrating a major milestone in the history of our small island. On 26 December 2015, we are not only commemorating 42 years of Baros Maldives but also ten years since the resort was completely rebuilt and refurbished with the concept of understated luxury and timeless elegance.


Underwater Hawksbill Turtle

Over the past year we have welcomed many new guests as well as several returning guests who seem to be increasing in number every year, to our great delight. We have also seen three Hawksbill turtle hatchings as the season has changed.


Baros Maldives Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge

We have been fortunate in yet again receiving the prestigious title of “Most Romantic Resort in the Indian Ocean” from World Travel Awards.


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Did You Know That...

Dear IN TOUCH Reader,

For guests’ enjoyment, we have enhanced the Lime Restaurant menu and now offer an even wider selection of international delights with an Asian twist. During the year we celebrated each full moon in white style under a sky filled with stars and now we are looking forward to an even more enchanting Festive Season. On behalf of all of us at Baros Maldives, we wish you a perfect ending to 2015 and look forward to a New Year with memorable moments together on our small island. Warm regards Shuhan Resort Manager 2

IN TOUCH magazine — Baros Maldives


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10 years of Luxury


We are proud to announce that on 26 December 2015, Baros Maldives is celebrating 10 years of both romance and luxury. The resort will actually have been in existence for 42 years on 7 December 2015. However, in 2005 we closed for seven months of refurbishment and major changes, both in terms of facilities and concept, reopening on 26 December.

EATING & DRINKING Tea – Sai Biscuit – Biskodhu

This is the date when we completed the transformation that began when Baros was a small, informal dive resort with simple facilities where guests mingled with staff like a big family. From the beginning, guests felt at home on Baros Maldives.

Sugar – Hakuru Milk – Kiru Coffee – Kofee

Even before the major changes introduced in 2005, Baros Maldives had been through various improvements to the facilities, with thatched cabanas becoming bungalows and, in the 1990s, bungalows being replaced by villas to meet the increasing expectations from our guests and to create a welcoming ambience. When discussions regarding the refurbishments took place, the most important criteria was to keep the authentic Maldivian feeling, preserving the timeless romance of a small, palm fringed island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The accommodation was completely rebuilt with 75 elegantly style f