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2016. IN TOUCH magazine — Baros Maldives. Welcome to this edition of IN TOUCH, our magazine created to keep you “in ... recipes with you and tell some of our best kept Spa secrets. ... 10. CONTENTS. Heritage Architecture. —. A Brief Maldivian Language Guide ... residences for doors, which were sliding, and windows.
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IN TOUCH magazine — Baros Maldives. Welcome to this edition of IN TOUCH, our magazine created to keep you “in touch” with Baros Maldives. All of us at Baros Maldives look forward to being in touch with you every few months in this manner so we can provide you with valuable information on the Maldives and on our luxury boutique island resort. Imagine, we are even going to share some of our most delicious recipes with you and tell some of our best kept Spa secrets. We hope you will enjoy being reminded about Baros Maldives and that you will want to be in touch with us too. ©2016 . Contents and photos are owned by Baros Maldives and should not be reproduced , distributed , transmitted , or displayed for any commercial use.


Heritage Architecture — A Brief Maldivian Language Guide


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I am pleased to inform you that Baros Maldives has, yet again, won some prestigious awards. In January it was announced that Baros Maldives has been honoured with five top Travelers’ Choice awards by TripAdvisor.


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We greatly value the recognition by TripAdvisor in this manner because the awards are based on the comments of guests who have stayed at Baros Maldives. To be rated so highly for Romance, Luxury and Service is a compliment to the dedication of the Baros Maldives team to ensure every guest enjoys staying with us. I would like to thank all our guests for this support over the years and for constantly motivating us to stay true to our Maldivian heritage.


Baros Maldives TripAdvisor Awards


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Dear IN TOUCH Reader,

We were also delighted to learn that during the Valentine’s celebrations in February several proposals of marriage were made by guests staying on the island, including some in the romantic setting of our sandbank. At Baros Maldives we share the joy of our guests in arranging special moments so they become a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. If you have a special occasion or anniversary to commemorate please let us know. It’s our pleasure to make everything happen smoothly. Warm regards, Shuhan


IN TOUCH magazine — Baros Maldives


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Heritage Architecture.


Although the Maldives are archetypal tropical islands with palm fringed sandy beaches lapped by the gentle surf from tranquil blue lagoons, seemingly locked in time, the islanders are very progressive in their architecture. That’s why few examples of heritage buildings remain because they have been superseded by convenient, modern constructions. Originally buildings were created using indigenous materials, palm wood for beams and plaited palm leaves for exterior screens and thatched roofs. Architectural practices were green and sustainable, evolving gradually to the use of coral stone for more durable residences. Since nowhere in the Maldives is far from the sea, nor above a metre or so in height, and the climate is generally hot, dwellings were constructed to match natural conditions. They were placed with openings facing prevailing winds so they kept cool in the heat, and were constructed on raised platforms as protection from the elements. As trading by sea with other countries flourished, timber was imported and used in the construction of more permanent residences for doors, which were sliding, and windows. They were set in private compounds, with walls (of coral stone) defining the boundary of the property. In Utheem, in the northern atoll of Haa Alif, the residence of the 16th Century Maldivian hero, Mohammed Thakur