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InBIA IMPACT Survey Downloadable Survey Guide & Instructions

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2016 Fiscal Year Survey Questions

Welcome to the 2016 IMPACT Survey, Phase I. Before starting the survey, please read the instructions about survey operation and institutional data needed to complete the survey. All survey instructions are provided to you at the beginning of the IMPACT survey.

Overview InBIA, in partnership with the University of Central Florida, is honored to host the IMPACT Index data aggregation task for the US Economic Development Administration, which will greatly benefit all participants including InBIA members. By participating as a respondent your information will contribute to a national dataset that will be available within the next year to bring unprecedented resources back to your organization. Aggregated across as many entrepreneurship programs as we and the EDA can capture, you will be able to use the data to help with future planning, obtaining funding, and developing critical partnerships for your organization.

EDA’s goal for the IMPACT Index is an interactive, longitudinal dataset that will be searchable by variables including geographic region, industry focus, and program type. The IMPACT reporting tool will allow you to create personalized reports to benchmark your programs with a national dataset, and ideally enable you to pursue federal and regional funding to develop important infrastructure assets for your organization. The IMPACT dataset will provide easily accessible, averaged impact measurements that are often required when pursuing such resources for your entrepreneurial program.

The dataset will be maintained by InBIA, and will be perpetually available to the EDA, survey participants and other qualified institutions to help community leaders identify key performance drivers and entrepreneurial demographics that are unique to their regions or industrial sectors. The IMPACT Index will provide you with tangible economic impact data needed by key stakeholders and annual report designers. In addition, IMPACT data could potentially assist with the development of community funding proposals.

Phase I The first phase of the IMPACT survey is now open and will collect key performance metrics on programs that support entrepreneurs. At the end of the survey for Phase I you will be asked if you have any data on client companies to help seed the initial data collection for Phase II.

Phase II The second phase of the IMPACT survey will be conducted after a baseline of organizations have been established in Phase 1, which is anticipated to be in mid 2017. Phase II aims to collect performance metrics on companies that have gone through the entrepreneurial support programs that completed Phase I. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 407-965-5653 Ext. 600 or via email at [email protected]



Access to the Survey The IMPACT Survey will take approximately 40 minutes to complete. For your convenience, the survey has been setup with a ‘Save and Continue’ feature. Please review the instructions below on how to access the survey and resume where you left off.

Invitation was emailed to you: After you have begun the survey and need to leave for any reason, please use the unique link that was provided to you via email to return to the IMPACT survey. When exiting the survey, select the ‘Save and Continue’ option at the top of your browser window, highlighted in grey. Your responses will be saved and you can return at any time using the link provided to complete the survey.

Joined the Survey through our Website, InBIA Exchange, or other media outlet: After you have begun the survey and need to leave for any reason, please select the ‘Save and Continue’ option at the top of the browser window,