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2015 WILL BRING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AS WELL AS OBSTACLES. Whatever supply chain challenges you face, the Logistics Planner can help. Many readers say they are confronting convergent problems, while others are expanding markets and growing. And most readers report that they are even more committed to using demand-driven logistics practices in the coming year. Bottom line, whether or not you foresee your company’s fortunes rising in 2015, the application of inbound logistics practices will help. Part of Inbound Logistics’ mission has been to shine light on leading companies, their solutions, and their struggle for supply chain efficiency so that all readers—across all channels, in all types of enterprises, and at all stages in their careers—may benefit from those supply chain successes. Another important part is helping you identify and select the best carriers, the most effective technology, and the logistics providers whose solutions best dovetail with your needs now, and in the future. Partnering with the right transportation, technology, or logistics provider is one important way you can marshal your supply chain to act as a force for supply chain stability—certainty, if you will—and tackle your immediate supply chain challenges head-on in the here and now. But more importantly, the right partners give you the ability and enhanced expertise to drive true enterprise change. So our mission, beyond storytelling supply chain successes, is to help you find the right fit to get that done. That is the reason why we produce the Logistics Planner any way you want it: in print, on the Web, and in digital, tablet, and iPad editions. We also summarize the profiles in our DiaLog e-newsletters, and thread them throughout all our social media networks. The Logistics Planner is there to work for you

when and where you need it all year long. This year’s Logistics Planner features an exclusive group of companies across all areas of the supply chain. These leading companies have the requisite tools and expertise to aggregate and align your supply chain management efforts with go-to-market strategies. They can help create synergies within your transportation and logistics functions—and among external partners—then leverage the supply chain as a common denominator from which you can execute strategic business process change. The Logistics Planner brings together all these different players in one place: worldclass carriers and technology providers, domestic and global forwarders, materials handling equipment suppliers, logistics associations, port and airport authorities, logistics real estate specialists, economic development agencies, universities, and leading 3PLs. The 2015 Logistics Planner is a completely updated resource that provides a mosaic of the supply chain and its many different parts, providing a platform for you to evaluate different aspects of your business and drive enterprise advancement using supply chain management as a change agent. In short, make your business more responsive, scalable, survivable, and most of all: competitive.

Getting the Most Out of Your Logistics Planner The Planner Profiles on the following pages include full contact information for each company. Please mention you saw their Planner Profile in Inbound Logistics. View all the Planner Profiles online at Search and browse information on the profile participants, including Web and email links. Each online planner is RFP-enabled to help you execute quickly. A digital and tablet/mobile version of the Logistics Planner— optimized for your desktop computer or tablet—is available at Download the entire January issue featuring all the great articles, then download the Planner section to access and use all the information on the profiled companies. A special iPad edition of the Logistics Planner is available by searching for “Logistics Planner” in the iTunes ma