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Inspection by the SIS is designed to strengthen the quality of education on offer to international students through Tier 4 of the points-based system for student ...
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SCHOOL INSPECTION SERVICE Independent professional inspection of colleges with a Montessori, Steiner or Eurythmy basis


Name of college

Eurythmy West Midlands

UKBA Licence number

9NY 472 F07

Principal of college

Mrs Maren Stott

Chair of Trustees

Mr Ian Clements


Mr Alan Stott


West Midlands Eurythmy Association Ltd

Address of college

Glasshouse Arts Centre, Wollaston Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 4HF

Telephone number

01384 442563

Email address

[email protected]

Dates of last inspection

20 to 21 March 2012

By whom

School Inspection Service

Date of this visit

4 November 2013

CONTENTS OF THE REPORT Section A: Introduction and summary


COLLEGE DETAILS Name of college:

Eurythmy West Midlands

Address of college:

Glasshouse Arts Centre, Wollaston Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 4HF

Telephone number:

01384 442563

Email address:

[email protected]


West Midlands Eurythmy Association Ltd

Name of Principal of College:

Mrs Maren Stott

Licence number:

9NY 472 F07

Type of college:

Eurythmy Institute

Age range of student body:


Gender of students:

Male and female

Total number on roll:


Male: 1

Female: 6


Male: 0

Female: 1

Annual fees:


Type of inspection:

Educational oversight

Reporting Inspector:

Simon Bennett

Date of follow-up Visit:

4 November 2013


SECTION A: CHARACTERISTICS OF THE COLLEGE AND SUMMARY EVALUATION Purpose and scope of the inspection Inspection by the SIS is designed to strengthen the quality of education on offer to international students through Tier 4 of the points-based system for student visas. Inspection provides objective and reliable reports on the quality of colleges and, by placing reports in the public domain, makes this information available to students, the UK Border Agency and the wider community. Inspection takes account of the context of each individual college and of how it evaluates its own performance and demonstrates its success. Reports help colleges, their staff and governors/ proprietors to recognise and build on their strengths and to identify and remedy their weaknesses. Reports also address the issues relating to the safeguarding, and welfare, health and safety of students, including, where applicable, those under eighteen and vulnerable adults.

Characteristics of the college Eurythmy West Midlands provides a full-time training in eurythmy as a performing art with a foundation in eurythmy education. The Centre runs an accredited programme (Level 6) through Edexcel and Crossfields Institute. Subsidiary (ancillary) subjects include singing in choir, speech formation, music appreciation, poetics, and study of relevant texts. Block teaching occurs in such subjects as English literature, music history, art history, anatomy and physiology, and education with teaching practice. Sharing the campus with the Glasshouse College is a unique social and educative collaboration. Joint ventures with the Drama Department are timetabled (usually third year), offering students the opportunity to develop skills. Post-graduate further training in stage performing is a feature of West Midlands Eurythmy. Programmes include fairy-tales for the young of all ages, and full evening programmes in varying artistic styles exploring the epic, dramatic, lyrical and the humorous, to contribute to the cultural life of all age groups, including special needs education. Third year Level 5 Eurythmy as performance is now up to Level 6.

Summary evaluation of the college: The West Midlands Eurythmy centre is highly successful in motivating its students. The continued attendance of postgraduates and of members of the local community is a vivid illustration of this. The course requires intellectual and artistic understanding, rigour and physical stamina. The course is delivered in a stimulating and nurturing way with great care given to individual students’ needs. The centre benefits from access to the facilities of the Glasshouse Arts Centre, with which it has a strong and constructive working relationship. The current board of trustees meets on a regular basis, oversees the finances and offers support and guidance to the staff. It also ensures that there is local support as appropriate for students. 3

The centre continues to meet the requirements and has addressed the recommendations of the previous inspection. Teaching seen on this visit was excellent and much appreciated by the students. There has recently been an issue raised by the students about one aspect of the course, and they have felt able to use the centre’s procedures and personnel to share their concerns and have then dealt with these constructively. The centre benefits from highly committed and experienced teachers and has worked hard with other Eurythmy schools to produce comprehensive course material, and schemes of work and assessment systems, approved and supported by the Crossfield Institute. Assessment linked to the delivery of lessons is excellent and the box at the end of the form indicates detailed analysis of the performance and needs of the students on an ongoing basis. The physical context of the setting in the Glasshouse centre adds real value to the educational experience it offers. The memorandum of understanding clearly sets out the mutual benefits of the arrangements. Recommendations from the previous visit: 

Build further the relationship with the office for a central spread-sheet.

Provide the office with regular information about student enrolment.

Both these are now administered efficiently and directly by the Director and Administrator. 

Strengthen processes of ongoing assessment.

This has been done very thoroughly. 

Consider offering taster days to pupils at the Steiner schools to see the work of the college.

This has moved forward a little and would be of long-term benefit. 

Consider the availability of a third party to enable students to discuss issues where necessary.

This is now in place and has already proved its value.

This report has been prepared by the School Inspection Service (SIS), which provides independent professional inspection of all colleges who offer education on offer to international students through Tier 4 of the points-based system for student visas. Further copies of the report are available from the college and on the SIS website: