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expect revenues to increase in the next. 12 months. Expansion. In 11/19 countries expansionary strategies are the priority. Risk. Skilled labour shortage.
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European CFO Survey CFOs switch focus to the longer term Q3 | November 2017

The Survey's Q3 results have highlighted that European CFOs are feeling a lot more confident. A mixture in the reduction in uncertainty and a rise in optimism means that they believe their financial prospects are improving and, as a consequence they are more confident about shifting their focus from the short- to the long-term.

We’re at a crossing point Uncertainty Q3 2016

63% Q3 2017

44% Q3 2017

Where to next?


Optimism Q3 2016


��� ��� ��� A net balance of 32% of CFOs feel more optimistic about the financial prospects of their company

A net balance of

A net balance of

level of uncertainty as high, however this is the fourth survey in which this number has gone down

expect revenues to increase in the next 12 months

44% of CFOs rate the

59% of CFOs

What is on the mind of CFOs



In 11/19 countries expansionary strategies are the priority

42% expect to increase in next 12 months


38% expect the number of employees in their company to increase


Skilled labour shortage and geopolitical risk

What CFOs are less concerned about

Interest rates

57% believe interest rates will increase but 50% then say it will have little impact on their business

Weakness in demand Shortage of capital

It's time to think long-term

CAPEX intentions are highest since Q1 2015

Recruitment in 15/19 countries is higher than last quarter

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