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Aug 9, 2017 - or mail your contribution to Regency Park Elementary School, c/o J.R. Pilyih, 4795 Havana Drive,. Pittsburgh, PA 15239. Thank you for your ...
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PLUM BOROUGH EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 4795  Havana  Drive,  Pittsburgh,  PA    15239,  412-­‐337-­‐5299  

September  2017     Dear  Friends  of  Plum,     On  Sunday,  October  22,  2017,  the  Plum  Borough  Education  Association  (PBEA)  is  once  again  proud  to   host  the  seventh  annual  Festival  in  the  Park  and  Costume  Parade.    This  family-­friendly  event  at  Boyce   Park  will  include:    a  costume  parade,  children's  activities,  food  vendors,  and  raffle  baskets.    The  festival  is   held  in  memory  of  Kim,  Brenna,  and  Mikaela  Griffith  who  lost  their  lives  much  too  soon  in  a  flash  flood  on   Washington  Boulevard  on  August  19,  2011.  Last  year’s  festival  allowed  us  to  purchase  150  backpacks   filled  with  school  supplies  for  needy  students  in  the  Plum  Borough  School  District.         The  proceeds  of  this  year’s  event  will  help  the  family  of  Maelynn  Tribendis.     Maelynn  (age  2  ½)  was  diagnosed  at  18  months  old  with  Periventricular   Leukomalacia  (PVL)  and  Spastic  Cerebral  Palsy  (CP).    She  currently  undergoes   physical  and  occupational  therapy  weekly,  and  under  the  care  of  many  specialty   doctors.    She  requires  orthotics  and  other  equipment  for  everyday  life.    Luckily,   Maelynn  has  the  determination,  courage,  and  strength  to  fight  through   anything!    Maelynn’s  parents,  Kaitlyn  (Hester)  and  Alex  Tribendis  graduated   from  Plum  in  2006  and  2004  respectively  have  recently  moved  back  home  to   Plum.     We  are  asking  you  or  your  business  to  make  a  donation  of  money,  food,  supplies,  gift  cards,  and/or  items   that  can  be  used  in  raffle  baskets.    You  can  donate  your  item(s)  to  any  member  of  the  Plum  Borough   Education  Association,  call  J.R.  Pilyih  to  come  to  your  business  to  pick  up  the  donation  (412-­337-­5299),   or  mail  your  contribution  to  Regency  Park  Elementary  School,  c/o  J.R.  Pilyih,  4795  Havana  Drive,   Pittsburgh,  PA  15239.     Thank  you  for  your  generosity  and  compassion.   Sincerely,  

J.R. Pilyih  


  David  Gray,  P resident     Bruce  Shafer,  Vice  P resident          

  J.R.  Pilyih,  Treasurer     Shannon  Cecchetti,  Secretary          

PLUM BOROUGH EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 4795  Havana  Drive,  Pittsburgh,  PA    15239,  412-­‐337-­‐5299  

  Business  Name:_________________________  Contact:_________________________         Phone  Number:_________________________   Email:___________________________         Website  (if  applicable):___________________________________________________         _____   $100  Game  Sponsor   Your  business/name  will  be  displayed  at  one  of  the  game  booths       _____   $200  Parade  Sponsor   Your  business/name  will  be  posted  throughout  the  event  and  flyer       _____     Gift  Card/Food/Monetary/Chinese  Auction         _________________________________________________________________         _________________________________________________________________      


Make  all  checks  payable  to:    Plum  Borough  Education  Association     Mail  Sponsor  Form  to:   Regency  Park  Elementary  School   c/o  J.R.  Pilyih   4795  Havana  Drive   Plum,  PA    15239