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The finance sector now accounts for fully 32 percent of. U.S. economic output. ... and social orders, “the vast bulk of humanity had been preoccupied with ..... AOL EMAIL ... That is why digital can be, by far, the cheapest energy of all. If the past ...
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome & Introduction


UnConvention Sessions

3 Section One

TOWARD AN INNOVATION AGENDA How to End the Left and Right’s Favorite Deficits

The Two Deficits Why Conservatives and Progressives are Both Right – Bill Shireman


An Agenda for the Future Energy, Taxes, and Security for Our Great Grandchildren – George P. Shultz


An Economic Program for the Fall Campaign and the Next Four Years


– Robert J. Shapiro Make It, Take It When No One Owns Their Environmental Impacts, Everyone Loses – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


End Taxes As We Know Them Stop Taking Prosperity, Start Taking Responsibility – Bill Shireman



Section Two

CRONY CAPITALISM How to End Right and Left Dependence on Big Government and Big Business

Crony Capitalism and the Crisis of the West – Luigi Zingales


Three Easy Ways to End Cronyism – Peter Schweizer


Paul Ryan’s Fairy-Tale Budget Plan – David A. Stockman


Section Three

ENERGY SECURITY BLANKET How to Outgrow Right and Left Addiction to the Past

The Supply and Demand of Renewable Energy – Dennis V. McGinn


Efficiency and Conservation Not Enough to Achieve Energy Security – Dave Kerner & Scott Thomas


To Drive or Not to Drive, That Is the Question June 21 is Dump the Pump Day 2012 – Michael Marx



Section Four

DIGITAL FREEDOM How the Right and Left Can Use Technology to Advance Freedom and Sustainability

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace – John Perry Barlow


Telework An Opportunity to Dramatically Improve the Nature of Work as well as Reduce the U.S. Trade Deficit, Congestion and the Production of CO2 – Joan Blades


Europe’s ACTA Freak Out How Hollywood Holds Back the Trade Agenda – Harold Feld


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WELCOME & INTRODUCTION Welcome to the UnConvention at the Commit! Forum. With an election imminent, we thought it vital to bring together independent leaders from the left to the right, to work with business and civic leaders as we seek common ground, no matter which candidates and parties hold Congress and the White House next January. We all know the nation’s dilemma. America’s two oncegreat political parties are engaged in an angry divorce, each demanding full custody of the nation they claim to love, paralyzing it in the process. The UnConvention is an intervention, not to force a reconciliation neither side wants, but to fill the leadership vacuum left by gridlock. Like it or not, it is time for business and civic leaders from across the left and right to step forward, together, and show what it means to lead. On at least one point, the right and the left agree: Something is wrong in America. After two centuries on the rise, America’s purpose and power are being lost, and the prosperity once enjoyed by middle class Americans is dissipating at an alarming rate. The UnConvention and these essays give us an opportunity to help change the tenor of the debate, and focus on what is best not just for us, but for