Inspire Pittsburgh Informational Packet

packed with professional and college sports venues, as well as plenty of public parks, and has crafted .... government, web design, sales, and more. An Olympic ...
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Inspire Pittsburgh Informational Packet

Pittsburgh: A 2020 Vision Imagine the possibilities for Pittsburgh, as not only a world-class city, but one that shines as an example of 21st-century development for all other cities. Imagine a Pittsburgh on the move, with a rail transit system connecting people from all across the city; a state-of-the-art system that would be the envy of all other American metropolises. Imagine Pittsburgh as a home for sport, a “city of champions” that boasts the venues where future champions train and compete, and where Pittsburghers could enjoy unparalleled recreational opportunities year-round. Now imagine the Olympic Games in Pittsburgh. With an Olympics in Pittsburgh, the city could become a destination for businesses and travelers worldwide. We have an opportunity to build upon the international recognition provided by the G-20 Summit, and boost Pittsburgh to the ranks of the elite cites, while providing new opportunities and services to our residents. More importantly, Pittsburgh would be the site of something bigger in size and scope than any event ever conceived. The Olympic Games are seen by billions of eyes across the globe, and Pittsburgh would be the stage for the most dramatic competitions, the most exciting ceremonies, and the most beloved games in the world. Be inspired. This is our 2020 vision.

Games Concept For over a year, our team has been working on a plan to gain the USOC’s support for Pittsburgh to receive the United States’ bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Our four main goals include: 

A compact venue plan: Inspire Pittsburgh has taken advantage of a city already densely packed with professional and college sports venues, as well as plenty of public parks, and has crafted a venue strategy that gives Pittsburgh an immediate technical advantage over other cities. Our plan includes 23 venues (and 87% of athletes) within ten kilometers of the proposed Olympic Village at the University of Pittsburgh, more compact than any bid for the 2016 Games, which would positively impact Olympic athlete experience.

Games for us all: Develop legacy plans, youth sports programs, and benefits packages in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods from private investments in the Games, regardless of whether or not the community is the host of a competition venue. A Pittsburgh Olympics would also include plans for upgraded public transportation and rail transit. These strategies, along with a plan to sell the majority of tickets for under $40, will help to ensure broad public support for the bid in Allegheny County, an important asset to present to the USOC.

Corporate support: One of the major factors in shaking our underdog tag will include developing strong relationships with the twelve Fortune 1000 Companies headquartered in Pittsburgh, as well as other large companies and non-profit organizations. These relationships are necessary legitimize our bid, and to raise funds for the domestic bidding process, estimated at $6.4 million by the San Francisco 2016 Bid Committee.

Partnerships with local government: No Olympic bid can survive without direct partnerships with government. We can only move forward if we have the full support of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Pittsburgh City Council, Chief Executive Dan Onorato, Allegheny County Council, the Sports & Exhibition Authority, and other local officials.

USOC Questionnaire The United States Olympic Committee’s Domestic Applicant City Questionnaire, along with the evaluation visit and final presentation, are the three main controllable entities by which the USOC decides on a bid city. The questionnaire’s chapters include ten themes: 1. Motivation, Concept & Public Opinion 2. Political Support 3. Finance 4. Venues 5. Accommodation 6. Transport 7. Security 8. General Conditions & Experience 9. International Strategy 10.USOC & Bid City Partnership The United States Olympic Committee is the hand that dishes out support for Olympic bids. Our