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Midwest Homes (Version 2.4). Install 2.4 Today! ANDROID. iPhone/iPad Version. WHAT'S NEW THIS RELEASE: - New & improved look and feel for iOS7.
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iPhone/iPad Version

Midwest Homes (Version 2.4)

New & improved look and feel for iOS7

Dynamic map search (pan or zoom to see more listings) or toggle off to see 1-350.

Consistent drawer navigation to house all the

MLS tasks/function

3 Ways to view listings on mobile phones

(Map | Gallery | List)

New Gallery view (iPad)

Support for landscape mode now on phones

Auto Complete Search (cities, counties & schools)




ANDROID Large location-based pick lists for cities, counties, schools now give you the ability to search easily & multi-select up to 5. Auto complete fields are fields that as a user starts typing will be auto completed. Auto Complete for Location-Based Filters

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iPHONE Access via drawer

ANDROID Access via drawer Users can toggle between two modes to get results. To switch modes, toggle ON and OFF from “Settings” in drawer navigation/menu Dynamic Search (On) A fast paced search that continuously updates as you move the map around (1-50 results at time) (Dynamic Search (Off) A slower paced search that doesn’t automatically update when moving the map (1-350 results at a time)


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ANDROID Ability to calculate payments/affordability directly from listing details or access the calculator from the drawer navigation.

MORTGAGE CALCULATOR: Payments & Affordability

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Solution for non-geocoded listings: Button in lower right to lead user to view in list, since it can’t appear on map

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