Instructional Specialist - Arlington ISD

JOB TITLE: Instructional Specialist- World Languages ... Education/Certification: ... A. Exhibit a high proficiency in computer usage and instructional technology.
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Instructional Specialist- World Languages



REPORTS TO: Director – World Languages



DEPARTMENT: World Languages


212 Days

ROLE AND PURPOSE: The primary role of the instructional specialist will be to work directly with teachers to improve instruction in areas related to improving ELL student performance district-wide. QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification: • Texas Teacher Certification with credentials in ESL/Bilingual Experience: • Minimum of five years teaching experience in ESL/Bilingual • Master's degree from accredited institution • Minimum of two years leadership experience in ESL/Bilingual MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I. INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT A. Model effective teaching strategies through demonstration teaching in classrooms II. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Utilize good communication and interpersonal skills III. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Possess a broad knowledge regarding curriculum content and Bilingual/ESL teaching strategies with specific content knowledge at multiple levels of instruction B. Demonstrate success in improving student achievement as measured by class success/failure rate in ESL and core subjects, STAAR and TELPAS results, and improved graduation rate for ELL students C. Experience in providing accommodations for linguistically diverse students and immigrants D. Display a strong ability to work independently as a self starter with excellent time management skills E. Research innovative ELL programs and research-based strategies for ELLs F. Assist the World Languages Director in evaluating supplemental extended day language programs (GEMS). G. Oversee program-specific curriculum planning, writing, development and implementation and seek to create integration with the mainstream curriculum IV. ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT A. Exhibit a high proficiency in computer usage and instructional technology B. Assist the Bilingual/ESL Director with the purchase and selection of supplemental resources V. SCHOOL/COMMUNITY RELATIONS A. Foster strong school-home relations for parents of students in Bilingual ESL classrooms VI. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT A. Provide assistance and support to both new and experienced teachers through on-site individual and group staff development B. Assist the World Languages Director in planning and conducting staff development sessions for subject area teachers with ELLs both during and after the school day C. Obtain training in strategies for special needs students (Dyslexia, 504, G/T, immigrants) VII. MISCELLANEOUS A. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Director of World Languages The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required. Approved by



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UPDATED: September 2015 Personnel Department