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INTENTIONALITY & OUTCOMES Responsible Property Investment, Hermes Real Estate July 2017

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Contents Report Coverage The purpose of The Hermes Real Estate 2017 Responsible Property Investment report (RPI) is to describe our approach to integrating responsible property investment within our portfolio, covering governance, strategy and management. We focus on the areas of operations that we identify as material to our business activities and those of our stakeholders. The materiality assessment is carried out by the head of RPI and reviewed by the Director with responsibility for RPI and the RPI steering group. There are no significant changes in the materiality assessment, the scope, and the boundaries of our reporting compared to last year’s report published in June 2016. We report our responsible investment governance, strategy, risk assessment and management processes for our whole portfolio through a narrative approach. This narrative covers our directly managed assets, and our indirect assets that we have influence over, in the UK and internationally for the period July 2015 to June 2016. We engage with and monitor the sustainability performance of our directly held property portfolios through active engagement and by using the GRESB survey responses. We report key environmental and social performance indicators for our UK assets over which we had management control for the period January 2006 to December 2016. Continuing to build on our approach from last year, we report positive impacts beyond our usual narrative approach and quantitative KPIs approach. We take an active stance on stakeholder’s engagement. Our stakeholders include: upstream, the asset owners we manage money on behalf of; downstream, our subcontractors contracted through direct service agreements; the occupiers of the assets we manage, and the communities that live in the places our properties are located in. Finally, we engage with EU and UK policy makers and selected real estate and financial sector organisations in order to enable us to help transform the industry in which we operate. All of our new suppliers in the UK are screened for environmental, social, and human rights criteria. We have found no potential negative impacts on society in our directly controlled supply chain, and we work to mitigate the impacts of environmental pollution created through our activities, and to enhance our social impact on the communities and tenants located in and near our assets. See section ‘Positive impact investing’ for more information on this. For more details and contacts on our Responsible Property Investment programme visit: responsible-property-investment/



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