This book provides general information about international business and host companies for ... with meaningful questions during informal contact periods with hosts during coffee breaks, luncheons ... However you should try to go beyond this descriptive writing and engage in ... Plan before you go on the Seminar. Gather ...
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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SEMINARS Winter One 2017 Syllabus FACULTY: The Seminar faculty leaders for this program are:  Professor Mark Johnston, Rollins College Alan and Sandra Gerry of Marketing and Ethics  Professor Ron Johnson, North Dakota State University Professor Emeritus of Management TEXT: Each participant has been provided with the Country and Host readings for the Seminar. This book provides general information about international business and host companies for this Seminar as well as information on the countries that will be visited.

STUDENT EVALUATION: For students taking three (3) hours credit for the Seminar program, evaluation will be based on the following: ATTENDANCE: each student is expected to attend all seminars. Any absence or tardiness must be approved in advance by the Seminar faculty. (Weight = 10%) PARTICIPATION: The quality of each student’s participation will be evaluated for the total seminar. Students are encouraged to ask relevant and insightful questions of the host executives. This can be accomplished with ease if each student will develop a series of questions on each Seminar visit. The Country and Host readings will provide an excellent source of information for developing questions. Additional points may be scored in this area with meaningful questions during informal contact periods with hosts during coffee breaks, luncheons, etc. In all cases, the questions should be relevant, short and to the point. (Weight = 20%) GENERAL CITIZENSHIP: Professional behavior from participants is expected at all times. This includes travel time, time in the hotels, during the Seminar visits and in the community in general. Cooperation from everyone is essential and most appreciated. This will insure a successful and enjoyable Seminar for all participants. (Weight = 15%) FINAL PAPER: When the overseas portion of the seminar program has been completed, participants will prepare a final written report which will be due March 15, 2017. Undergraduate papers should be approximately 25 to 35 pages double spaced and contain two main parts. The first part (about 20 to 25 pages) should be a summary of each seminar visit. The second part (about 5 to 10 pages) should be a report of the research that you have completed on your assigned company. Students taking this course for graduate credit will write a third part of this paper, which is an analysis of each country visited (about 2 to 3 pages per country). Graduate papers are expected to have more in depth analysis, questions, synthesis, lessons, and connections throughout the paper, with a total length of approximately 35 to 40 pages. (Weight = 55%) Any late papers will result in a loss of points toward the final grade.

ABOUT THE FINAL PAPER Part one of the final paper, you should stress the academic concepts discussed in each seminar session. Students should devote approximately 2 to 3 pages for each company seminar and should provide a description of the activities associated with each seminar program. You should also discuss the significance of the topical coverage of that seminar. This part of the report will be shaped more fully by faculty members during the orientation session on the first day of the seminar and at the final wrap up session. You will also have some mini-debriefing sessions after each seminar program which may prove valuable when you are writing this section of your paper. Part two of the final paper will be a case analysis of one of the companies that will be hosting you. This will be about 5 to 10 pages long. All students will be assigned one of the companies on which to complete some basic research. This part of the paper will require students to do individual research before leaving the United States. Each participant is asked to research one of the organizations that will be visited during the seminar program. This research should enable the student to become a relative expert on his/her assigned company and its industry. If a company is a private firm, that does not publish public financial data; the student w