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International Student and Researcher’s Guide

Universidade de São Paulo


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33 Programs offered to foreign


Universidade de São Paulo 6 Undergraduate Programs 9 Graduate Programs 13  USP and the state of São Paulo 14 Bauru 16 Lorena 18 Piracicaba

graduate students 33 Admission as an exchange student 33 Prior leaving Selection Process 33 Visa 34 Health Insurance 34 After arrival 34 Libraries 34 Portuguese Classes for Foreigners 35

International Cooperation Office 36 Other international offices at USP

20 Pirassununga 22

Ribeirão Preto 24 São Carlos 26 São Paulo

38 Facilities at USP 39 Museums 40 Hospitals

30 International Cooperation 31 Programs offered to foreign

undergraduate students 32 Admission as an exchange student


Cultural Activities 42 Sports 43 Cafeterias and Restaurants 44 Banks

2015 - Produced and edited by the Communication Area of USP International Cooperation Office


Testimonials Brazil is a wonderful country and USP is one of the best universities.

New friendships I was admitted to the Obstetrics program at the Universidade de São Paulo via an agreement between Brazil and my home country, Cape Verde, under the auspices of the Program for Partner Undergraduate Students. Our first days of classes were great, because we were the first and only Africans from Cape Verde to come to study at USP/EACH (School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities). Everyone was curious to meet us and to learn about life in our country. I ended up meeting most of the students in the college, and they were all really cool, receptive, nice and friendly.

Jassira Maria Ortet Fernandes

Cape Verdean Student. SHe was admitted to USP via the Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEC-G)

Enjoy your exchange program to the max, you won’t regret it.

Culture and Diversity I have been studying anthropology for two semesters at USP as an exchange student. Studying and living here has changed the way I see Brazil. I liked the university from the very beginning and here I have the opportunity to interact with people from different nationalities, allowing me to acquire new knowledge and broaden my worldview. Markets on weekends, “sambas” that take place in the city, great parties, exhibitions, displays… São Paulo is a city where you always find something going on, there’s always something to do, you just have to stay tuned in.

Meredith Castro Rios

Peruvian student. she was admitted to USP as an exchange student via the CINDA Student Mobility Program Pontifícia Universidad Católica del Peru

2015 - Produced and edited by the Communication Area of USP International Cooperation Office


Universidade de São Paulo Find your way around the several different Schools which make up the university and which are located all over the state

“Luiz de Queiroz” College of Agriculture Praça do Relógio

Universidade de São Paulo is one of the largest and most important institutions of higher education and research in Brazil and Latin America. Founded in 1934, USP is a public state institution (it does not charge tuition fees) and has campi placed in eight cities spread throughout the state of São Paulo. With education and research activities in all academic fields, USP offers 300 undergraduate programs, 222 graduate programs (both Master's and Doctoral (PhD) degrees) and 984 extracurricular programs. In total, there are about 94 thousand students enrolled in 48 Schools (faculties and institutes) which make up USP. Furthermore, the university houses four important museums which receive over 1million visitors per year. In addition, USP runs health centers and two major hospitals. It also works in partnership with Hospital das Clínic