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WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE! Dear Student, Welkom! On behalf of the University of Twente I would like to welcome you to our university. You have made the right choice. More than a thousand fellow international students come to study at the University of Twente every year. While studying abroad in Enschede brings you new experiences, opportunities and personal development, it also means adapting to a new country, its climate, people and culture. We think this handbook will not only help you in arranging formalities before and upon arrival, it will also show you what the University of Twente, the campus, Enschede, and the Netherlands have to offer. Moreover, we hope to provide some insight into the Dutch (educational) culture. We wish you all the best in your studies and hope you enjoy your time in the Netherlands. Make your stay here a lifetime experience.

This handbook contains practical information for UT Bachelor, Master, and Exchange students. Some information for PhD candidates can be found in Chapter 7. For specific information PhD candidates are advised to visit www.utwente. nl/tgs-phd. Specific information for ITC students can be found in Chapter 3 and for campus students in Chapter 2. The general chapters also include information that is relevant and important for both ITC and campus students.

I hope to see you around, Katja Hunfeld Head of International Support - University of Twente

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CONTENTS 1. GENERAL INFORMATION Entry visa Residence permit Lost permit or change of details Register at municipality and BSN Living costs Dutch bank account Mobile phone Insurance Healthcare Emergency information Tuberculosis test Tick bites & Lyme’s disease Part-time jobs Change of address notifications Getting to the UT Academic calendar National holidays

2. INFORMATION FOR CAMPUS STUDENTS Admission documents Bachelor and Master students Exchange students Visa, residence permit & registration Accommodation Introduction days Finalise your enrolment Internet access IT help Campus medical facilities Student card Printing Campus map Stores Canteens, restaurants and bars

3. INFORMATION FOR ITC STUDENTS Admission, visa & residence permit Insurance Accommodation Tuition fees Introduction weeks ITC/UT student smart card ITC building Internet access & IT helpdesk Healthcare Finances Printing UT sports facilities

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Course secretariat Association of ITC students

4. FACILITIES International student associations Global Lounge/ ITC Student lounge Sports facilities Cultural activities Bicycles Public transportation OV-chipkaart UnionCard Libraries Child care Religion Shopping Free time

About the Netherlands Core values of Dutch society Differences in culture and education UT academic culture Student Housing Etiquette Food Prepare for your stay Map of Enschede Enschede Exploring the Enschede area Day trips in the Netherlands

6. SUPPORT & CONTACT INFORMATION Internationalisation contacts Student Affairs & Services Student Service Desk ITC Student Affairs Office Confidential advisor Student Affairs, Coaching & Counselling Student Union TCP Language Centre Student rights & student charter Financial Support Code of conduct

7. AFTER YOUR STUDIES PhD information Upon departure Working in NL after graduation

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