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in University College Cork in the 1850's. Orreco & IBM built the world's first cognitive solution for sports that helps athletes predict injury risk and readiness to perform. ... 48.6% of 25-34 year olds has completed tertiary education. (EU average 37%). Europe. Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Eurozone and ...
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Q3 2017

Ireland AI Island Healthcare

Entertainment / Gaming


Technology & communication


Consumer services




Leaders in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Ireland.. empowers businesses to

is driving significant

discover the truth in

advances in the

information. Eighty-six

development, training

language understanding

percent of the Fortune

and deployment of highly

(NLP), knowledge

500 rely on Veritas for

responsive, reconfigurable

representation and

multi-cloud data

and efficient machine

computer vision.


learning algorithms such

combines groundbreaking

in Ireland has a strategic

is building a 3D voxel based has it's largest AI R&D hub

artificial intelligence and

focus on the AI platform

platform aggregating all

genomics to discover and

Watson, Cognitive IoT,

Ireland’s geospatial data to machine learning, natural

unlock natural bioactive

Interactive Reasoning,

drive growth.

peptides with extraordinary integrated health and social care.

health benefits.

in Dublin with a focus on

as neural networks.

Established AI Presence in Ireland

S E N S E - D E C I D E - A C T U AT E

25 years of AI Research

A.I. & Data Analytics

Networking Services

Software for

Performance through

Integrated ICT

Digital Content, Pioneering

& Security

Analytics & Security

Speed, Accuracy, Scalability

Hardware & Systems

Intelligent Behaviour

Data Analytics

ADAPT, researchers recognised

Irish Centre for High End

CeADAR, acknowledged centre

for developing a state of the art

Computing (ICHEC)

of excellence in machine and

Neural Machines Translation

is the 6th global NVIDIA

deep learning applied to

model using an encoder-decoder

CUDA research centre.

business problems.

attention mechanism.

Industry Academic Collaboration Insight & UTRC

Adapt & Intel

UTRC are one of 80 funding industrial partners

In collaboration with Intel, The ADAPT Centre’s

with The Insight Research Centre which is

machine learning experts developed a tool that

home to 450 personnel and with key research

suggests multi-lingual keywords to improve

topics in artificial intelligence, data analytics,

global discoverability.

machine learning, human machine interaction and optimisation.

Did you know... Orreco & IBM built the world’s first cognitive solution for sports that helps athletes predict injury risk and readiness to perform.

Ireland is the first country in the world to develop an industry driven nationwide PostGraduate MSc in Artificial Intelligence.

Companies can test and trial in Ireland. Many companies use Ireland’s numerous testbeds to trial and prove technology and business solutions.

According to ‘Open Data Maturity in Europe 2016’ Ireland is a trend setter for open data. Ireland is home to a vibrant open AI ecosystem for collaboration and community.

Ireland has leading positions and per capita the highest number of EurAI fellows.

George Boole devised the theory of logic which underpins all modern technology while lecturing in University College Cork in the 1850’s.

Why Ireland? AI Island Track Record



In Ireland many corporations

IMD 2017 ranks Ireland

12.5% corporate tax rate.

have established centres

1st in the world for attracting

25% R&D tax credit.

of excellence in data analytics,

and retaining talent.

6.25% preferential tax rate on income

cloud computing,

Youngest Population in the EU:

arising from intellectual property

big data and future internet.

28% of the population is under 20 years.

(Knowledge Development Box).

Talent in Ireland is global and mobile.

Ease of Doing Business



Forbes ranks

Irish Education System is ranked

Ireland is the only English speaking

Ireland as the 4th

6th best in the world.

country in the Eurozone and provides

best country in the world

98% participation rate in education

an ideal hub for organisations

for business 2017.

amongst 18 year olds –

seeking a European base.

highest in Europe. 48.6% of 25-34 year olds has completed tertiary education. (EU average 37%).

“Our talented professionals across Ireland are imagining the

“We're not only looking to hire some of Ireland's best and

future every day to solve some of the biggest challenges

brightest technology graduates, but also to help build a new,

facing businesses, governments and consumers,”

highly skilled industry in the region,”

Pierre Nanterme, Accenture’s chairman and CEO.

CEO Dave Elkington.