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AD changes to user. Jailbroken ... Encrypted email and attachments. • Micro-VPN to ... Secure email means you wont inadvertently leak confidential information.
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Is My Company Spying On Me? Myths and Misconceptions with EMM and BYOD

 Is my company spying on me?

NO 2

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 IT has a dilemma  Q: How do I allow employees to be productive from their mobile device without sacrificing corporate data security?  A: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) minimizes data leakage while allowing users to be productive on personally owned and corporate owned mobile devices by adding a layer of security to the devices and/or the applications? 3

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Mobile devices are top concern for data leakage Data leakage can impact your company’s reputation and financial stability

“Gartner predicts that the focus of endpoint breaches will shift to tablets and smartphones (by 2017).” “75 percent of mobile security breaches will be the result of mobile application misconfiguration.” Gartner Research, 2014 Mobile security breaches have affected more than two-thirds (68 percent) of global organizations in the last 12 months, according to a study from British Telecom.


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Data Leakage – Hackers aren’t the only concern Examples of data leakage

Disgruntled employee has been using DropBox on their personal device to store and access corporate files and documents. Employee leaves the company for a competitor. The company can’t recover the data.

An Employee fails to password protect his/her mobile device and loses it on a plane or at an industry event where competitors are present. Hacker gains access to sensitive corporate information by hacking an unsecure mobile device rather than the data center.


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Productivity and Collaboration Data Management

App Management

Enterprise Mobility Management Device Management


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What takes place on my device? Mobile Device Management Initiate compliance actions based on a variety of triggers

Passcode policy

Lock device

AD changes to user

Modify policy set

Jailbroken device

Block network access

Unmanaged device Data Roaming


Compliance Engine

Selective wipe Full wipe



App Blacklist

Send notification

App Whitelist

Set out of compliance

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What takes place on my device? Mobile App Management


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What takes place on my device? Mobile App Management Containerized Applications • 



Inter-app controls


Encrypted tunnel (Micro-VPN)


App lock and wipe

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How does a containerized app differ from native? Native Email •  Encrypted email and attachments •  Micro-VPN to corporate network •  Password/Authentication Required •  Looks and feels like native email •  Business-class features •  Integration with other XenMobile Apps for best-in-class mobile workflows

•  Familiar experience •  No security policies •  Lacks business class features/ built for consumer •  Can share information with other apps (i.e. contacts)

Secure email means you wont inadvertently leak confidential information. get more business features like one-touch joining of meetings, set/edit Out of Office messages, attach multiple files and much more. © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.

What can my company see on my mobile device?

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Make/Model/OS version Phone Number All apps on device Location of device Batter