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Digital TV Europe July 2015

The rise of OTT OTT

TV has ceased to be a thing apart from the mainstream. OTT video providers are now extending their reach, both by targeting traditional pay TV operators’ own networks – example include Netflix’s deals with multiple European service providers – and also via social networks. This year’s Multiscreen & OTT series of online articles looks at four key topics that illustrate the advance of OTT and its embrace by traditional media. Today, we publish all four parts together in a single volume. First, we look at the relationship between OTT and pay TV operators. The launch of advanced connected TV platforms by cable and telecom service providers has provided an opening for OTT players to reach the main TV in the home directly, via the set-top box. Such partnerships are seen to be mutually beneficial, bringing additional content to pay TV operators’ services and reinforcing the value of the broadband and TV bundle, while enabling OTT providers to extend their reach in the living room. However, tensions remain in the relationship, particularly over who controls the user experience and manages user data. Second, we looked at the way in which OTT providers have targeted social networks to extend their distribution and look at how the social networks themselves have expanded into video, with major initiatives from the likes of Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook to capture a foothold in the video space. Third, we looked at the ways in which OTT providers have sought not only to compete with traditional pay TV head on – à la Netflix – but to use their global reach to target niche audiences with content of interest to them, including providing services to diaspora groups scattered around the world. Finally, we look at the way in which OTT and multiscreen viewing is having an impact on the TV advertising business, and the ways in which pay TV operators and OTT providers have sought to capture some of the available revenue for their own services. l

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Contents Monday July 27

Friend or foe: OTT and pay TV services

Tuesday July 28

Social climbing: social networks and OTT video

Wednesday July 29

Minority report: the search for niche audiences

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Ad and multiply: OTT and multiscreen advertising The complete series