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Is this ebook for you ? Are you an expat Mom desperately seeking your ideal family home in Paris ?

How can you find your dream family home in Paris without spending your days going through online ads or waiting for estate agents to call you back ?

Where to begin ?

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Are you experiencing one of these symptoms ? Overwhelmed

Impulsive ! you’re ready to make a rash decision like sacrificing your children’s education and security because all other criteria fit…

by an overflow of ad alerts in Losing Control your mail box of your agenda you don’t even that has a life of have time to its own…and no open… more lunch breaks or WE for you !

Having Second Thoughts…

Desperate !

on the « gem » you found whose charm seems to wear off…

after you’ve missed an apartment which was perfect because you were just not reactive enough…

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this ebook will help you

your project To a family


ü  Get an overview of the Paris real estate market ü  Feel comfortable and confident in your property purchasing adventure

ü  Get tips and how-to’s to find your home sweet home

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Who am I ? Home finder & Paris relocation Expert for Expats « La vie en rose in Paris for Expat families » To me, family is a top priority So after a 15-year experience in a Marketing job that left little time for my family life, I got training and started my own company in what I am passionate about: home and family in Paris.

Former expat,

Camelia PIERRE [email protected]

In cities such as Algiers, London, Washington DC, New York, I know the expectations you have in your future home and what it feels like to have to adapt to a new environment and culture. I’ve been there !

Today, I take great pleasure as a licensed professional, in helping expat families find their future home and discover the family friendly neighborhoods where they’ll fully enjoy the Paris Art de vivre.

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What’s in store ? 3 steps to find your ideal family property in Paris



Know your Paris real estate market


Build your project


Master the buying process


Tips and how to’s


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Paris is… A key hub in Europe, positioned at the crossroads between northern and southern Europe

Part of the 8 counties of Ile de France: Paris (20 districts), the Petite Couronne (the 92,93,94 counties or «  départements  ») and the Grande Couronne (the 77,78,91,95 counties)- symbolized by an eight spiked star

18% of the French population representing 12 million inhabitants

A city with a widely canvassed transportation system which is to be extended in the Grand Paris Plan

Particularly appreciated by senior executives for its chic lifestyle in the western crescent (Paris western districts and suburbs), close to Paris central business district and La Defense.

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Overview of the Paris real estate market


3 questions for a slice of paris

What is the Paris real estate market evolution ?

Is it the right time to buy in Paris ?

How much does a home in Paris cost ?

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Paris real estate market evolution Prices


Pe*te Couronne Houses + 11%


+ 3%