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Contact details: (Melissa Hekkers) +357 99 803832 or email [email protected] More information on www.manifestmedia. ... that she couldn't find any employment in her field of sales and marketing. Her family and other friends in the ...
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‘Island in the Sun’ The audio-visual installation by Maren Wickwire and Melissa Hekkers attempts to mediate the fragmented life experiences of migrants, thus propagating new interpretations and perspectives on the global movement of people through the lens of Cyprus. Hosted within the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2016 and in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Zypern and KISA, ‘Island in the Sun’ consists of a collection of stories, experiences and reflections from within the migratory communities on the island of Cyprus that embodies imprints of memories, thoughts, conversations and questions in a life of diaspora. Despite restrictive asylum and integration policies, maltreatment and deportation, Cyprus remains for many individuals the first stepping-stone to reach European soil. This journey is a play with fate. Whilst separated from family members, the desire for freedom, safety, and self-determination proves resilient. Overcoming barriers through the connectedness of social media and mobile technology, the imagination of future possibilities seen and unseen is without end. Using photography, text, video, paper documentation and oral history, the installation navigates the viewer through the accounts of individuals, overlapping visual and textual layers in order to enable audiences to contemplate divers interpretations of space, time, identity and law within the local experience of Cyprus.

Exhibition opening: 10 November 2016, 6pm Location: Goethe-Institute Zypern Duration: 18 November 2016 Supported by: Caritas Cyprus-Κοινωνία and the St.Joseph Social Centre in Nicosia. Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00-14.00 and 15:00 – 17:30. The exhibition is open to the public and entrance free. Suitable for all ages. Contact details: (Melissa Hekkers) +357 99 803832 or email [email protected] More information on

PHOTO MATERIAL FOR PUBLISHING: Please use the following captions for photographs attached. All photos are copyrighted @MarenWickwire.

Photo 1: As part of a larger community of domestic workers in Cyprus, Filipinas are coming together on Sunday’s to hold their all-day volleyball tournament in Nicosia. This weekly event enriches the lives of the women, who find reward in returning to their familiar recreational activities in a new cultural setting and enhancing their lives outside the mundane work routines.

Photo 2: Domestic workers from different countries find shelter at the St.Joseph Social Center for women in the old town of Nicosia. Escaping difficult work situations, the women can stay until visas and employment contracts are sorted out. The three nuns, who are running the shelter, patiently guide the transient residents how try to cope with difficult life circumstances far away from their families and support networks.

Photo 3: Birds flying over Cyprus. Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean with Turkey to the north, Syria to the east and Egypt to the south, places it on one of the major migration routes in the Mediterranean and makes it attractive destination for many birds and other species which pass each year from Europe or Asia to Africa via the Nile Delta.

Photo 4: Maja’s father was against the idea of his daughter going abroad to seek employment. Growing up as a single child to farmers in rural Vietnam, Maja finished her college degree and moved to the capital city. Disappointed that she couldn’t find any employment in her field of sales and marketing. Her family and other friends in the village took up loans, so she could pay the total fee of $6800 necessary for the work visa to come to Cyprus through an employment agency. Once matched with an employer, she was promised a work place in a restaurant, which turned out to be a lie – she was forced to work in a cabaret at night until she escaped.

Biographies of artistic directors: Maren Wick