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Feb 1, 2018 - Margaret A. Readdy is professor of mathematics at the University ... University. Her email address is [email protected] Readdy and Taylor are, respectively, current and former pro- gram managers of the Women and Mathematics ...... the 1991–2015 AMS-ASA-IMS-MAA-SIAM Annual Surveys.
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of the American Mathematical Society March 2018

Volume 65, Number 3

In Honor of Women’s History Month page 248

AMS Spring Central Sectional Sampler page 307

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2020 Mathematics Research Communities Opportunity for Researchers in All Areas of Mathematics How would you like to organize a weeklong summer conference and … • Spend it on your own current research with motivated, able, early-career mathematicians; • Work with, and mentor, these early-career participants in a relaxed and informal setting; • Have all logistics handled; • Contribute widely to excellence and professionalism in the mathematical realm? These opportunities can be realized by organizer teams for the American Mathematical Society’s Mathematics Research Communities (MRC). Through the MRC program, participants form self-sustaining cohorts centered on mathematical research areas of common interest by: • Attending one-week topical conferences in the summer of 2020; • Participating in follow-up activities in the following year and beyond. Details about the MRC program and guidelines for organizer proposal preparation can be found at /mrc-proposals-20.

The 2020 MRC program is contingent on renewed funding from the National Science Foundation.

SEND PROPOSALS FOR 2020 AND INQUIRIES FOR FUTURE YEARS TO: Mathematics Research Communities American Mathematical Society Email: [email protected] Mail: 201 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904 Fax: 401-455-4004

The target date for pre-proposals and proposals is August 31, 2018.


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In honor of Women’s History Month, guest editors Margaret A. Readdy and Christine Taylor have assembled profiles of 27 mathematicians and more. These profiles provide inspiring and humbling reminders of how some individuals have contributed to mathematics, often under very difficult circumstances, and how much we need to welcome and respect all.

Christine Taylor

Amie Wilkinson

Margaret A. Readdy

Marjorie L. Stein

Lauren Williams

Karen E. Smith

Andrea Nahmod

Marina Ratner

Melanie Matchett Wood

Éva Tardos

Carolyn Gordon

Jill C. Pipher

Irene Fonseca

Rosemary Guzman

Deborah L. Goldsmith

Sophie Morel

Carina Curto

Olga Holtz

Ingrid Daubechies

Dusa McDuff

Lillian Pierce



Cathleen S. Morawetz

of the


Volume 65, Number 3

Trachette L. Jackson

Melody Chan

March 2018

Helen Hunt

Fern Y. Hunt

Chelsea Walton

Bonnie Gold

Joan Birman

Martha Katzin

Gigliola Staffilani

Maria Chudnovsky

Emily Riehl

Tara S. Holm