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Jun 30, 2017 - Training Center] in 1996, has been trying to get .... job than in any of my previous ..... “calling” to leave the south where ..... Columbus, OH said.
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JUNE 30TH, 2017

Doing a good turn in WWI

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Mountain Trek Elizabeth Harper Staff Writer

Andrew Kliewer Staff Writer

World War I will forever be remembered as one of the most horrific conflicts ever fought by humanity. Borne out of a complex system of alliances, the “war to end all wars” was marked by the use of brutal new technologies such as machine guns and mustard gas, millions of soldiers crammed into rat-filled trenches and a terrible stalemate that stretched the conflict on for four years. The United States was initially neutral; however, after a series of aggressive actions by Germany, America decided to thrust its newfound military and economic strength behind the Allied Powers, and in a year and a half, the Central Powers were defeated. History will always note how the contribution of the United States decisively turned the war’s tide, but what is often forgotten is the monumental effort put forth by those on the homefront that allowed a previously noninterventionist country to become a massive military power.


Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh greets Philmont trek participants before they take a tour at the Villa Philmonte on June 23, 2017. Drew Castellaw/PhilNews

Elizabeth Harper Staff Writer When Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh came to visit Philmont last week, he couldn’t help but think back to the first time he set foot on the property. “My favorite Philmont memory is when we drove in the gates in 1996. I had waited my whole life to come to Philmont, and never got a chance when I was a kid,” Surbaugh said, looking across the Greensward. “Coming in and looking around and seeing

the mountains… That was just a landmark experience for me in Scouting.” It had been a number of years since Surbaugh last visited Philmont, and this visit was his first since he became Chief Scout Executive in 2015. He came back this summer as a Philmont Training Center Instructor. “I wasn’t able to come out last year to Philmont and the reason I’m here this year is, the guy that I taught with [at the Philmont Training Center] in 1996, has been trying to get me to come back and teach a class with him since 1996,”

Surbaugh explained. More than 20 years later, Surbaugh returned to teach a section of a class called Smarter, Strategic and Sustainable Scouting. However, he also made time to visit Backcountry camps, meet Scouts coming off of the trail, and talk to participants and staff alike. During his breaks, Surbaugh walked around the PTC and handed out special Chief Scout Executive patches to youth. In his time as Chief Scout Executive, Surbaugh has made a dedicated effort to interact with Continued on page 5

On Tuesday morning, a group of backpackers watched the sunrise from the top of Window Rock. Unlike most crews at Philmont, they had no adult advisors and no matching shirts, and two Rangers accompanied them. On top of that, almost everyone in the group had just met each other two days prior. The crew was on a Mountain Trek, a special 6-day trek available to the 14-through 20-year-old sons and daughters of those taking classes at the Philmont Training Center. It gives them a unique opportunity to experience Philmont’s Backcountry led by Rangers and gives them a chance to develop their teamwork and leadership skills at the same time. “I wanted to see what Philmont was like,” said 14-year-old Louis Wiltenmuth, who decided to do Mountain Trek because he had previously spent time at the PTC and wanted to experience the Backcountry of Philmont as well. “That gorgeous sunrise at Window Rock… it was amazing,” reflected Christopher Gower, 17. Continued on page 4

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