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Oct 26, 2010 - Test Driven Development Vs. Behavior Driven Development 26 by Amit .... a Scrum Team for the software development part of the project assignment. ..... Such real value delivery means that we must apply total systems ...
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Editorial Dear readers, Oh my Goodness, the summer is already over! Terrible. After a great summer travelling around Spain, we now have to start working hard again. I will still be travelling, but I will not be able to avoid the wet weather. No travels to Australia or South America for me. This first issue after the summer is again providing us with new articles based on experiences, basics and perspectives in the Agile World. We really appreciate that you – our loyal reader –recommend our magazine to all your interested contacts. We now have quite a good numbers of readers around the world. We are very proud of all the great articles we received from Argentina over USA to Europe and to India. It is amazing to see how powerful it is to be well connected and to see how the community works and recommends the work of the agile authors. A big thank you to all of you and especially to the authors, who are doing a great job in sending us their papers. We are facing the Agile Testing Days in Berlin and are very enthusiastic about it. We have great speakers lined up. Come see them. If you cannot make it to Berlin, follow it on twitter under #agiletd. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the Oz Agile Days. Due to some internal and planning circumstances it is impossible to run it during the planned days. We will inform you as soon as we have new dates. There is a new certification for Agile Testers called CAT – Certified Agile Tester. It is going to be presented at the Agile Testing Days by Dr. Stuart Reid and iSQI – International Software Quality Institute. The Syllabus has been developed with the help of the industry. Employees of companies like HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Barclays, Zurich, Xing, etc. are involved. The Syllabus looks very pragmatic and the exam has three parts: practical exam, written exam (no multiple choice) and a personal assessment of the trainee. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about it. You will find more information at Last but not least I want to congratulate Lee Copeland for his email signature. It says: Life is short ... forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh deeply... and never regret making someone smile. I like it very much. I think that if we all would think and act in the same way, we would be living in a much better world. I hope you can forgive us quickly, love truly and laugh deeply, but for the moment we will pass on kissing slowly! We appreciate your understanding :-). Best regards

José Díaz


Contents Editorial  3 Burning Down the Reports  6 by Alex Rosiu Scrum in a Traditional Project Organization  8 by Remi-Armand Collaris & Eef Dekker & Jolande van Veen Values for Value  14 by Tom Gilb & Lindsey Brodie Why must test code be better than production code?  24 by Alexander Tarnowski Test Driven Development Vs. Behavior Driven Development  26 by Amit Oberoi Supporting Team Collaboration: Testing Metrics in Agile and Iterative Development  30 by Dr. Andreas Birk & Gerald Heller Descriptive Programming - New Wine in Old Skins  37 by Kay Grebenstein & Steffen Rolle The Role of QA in an Agile Environment  40 by Rodrigo Guzman Managing the Transition to Agile  46 by Joachim Herschmann Developing Software Development  49 by Markus Gärtner Listen each other to a better place  52 by Linda Rising Add some agility to your system developme