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JULY 21ST, 2017

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PHILNEWS From Waite to rockets

Andrew Kliewer Staff Writer

When second session Rangers on Rayado caught the first glimpse of their training calendar, they were greeted with eight clear days marked with only three words: “expect the unexpected.” Several days later in the Backcountry, as the group hunkered down with rain angrily lashing down and hail pelting the tin roof, those words were brought to life. Not knowing their hiking distance, activities or even destination beyond the next day, the Rangers were forced to make a tough decision: either climb Little Costilla in the rain and risk delaying crucial training, or skip a peak on many of their bucket lists. With the storm raging outside, the group ultimately voted to play it safe. That night, they fell asleep to the patter of water dripping off the roof, wondering what new adventures the next day might bring. To many, eight days with 16 new faces and filled with unknown challenges designed to test morale and resolve may sound like too high a hurdle. However, for the group of Rangers preparing Continued on page 5


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Finding faith on the trail Elizabeth Harper Staff Writer

Suzannah Evans PhilNews Editor In 1956, John McNeil was a young fifteen-and-a-half year old from Los Angeles. Participating in a 36-day Trek that would shape the rest of his life, McNeil was spending his summer at Philmont thanks to winning a council wide competition and the generosity of a chain of department stores. “The Los Angeles Council had 16 districts, and they competitively picked two from each district, so

poems by Robert Service, The Cremation by Sam McGee, it’s old Camping stuff. We took great pride in singing as we would go along and virtually every evening we had a campfire and performed among ourselves.” One campfire would prove to be just a little more special than the others. “At the very last campfire here, before we went home the next day, it was [back in Base Camp] and we had a special guest - Waite Phillips. He was right there. The whole evening for our final campfire.”

As the sun set behind a ridge in the distance, a group of eight Crews gathered in an open field in front of a semicircle of totem poles. The sky was still full of clouds from the heavy rain that had been falling all day, but the participants were in good spirits, laughing and joking around with each other. The rendezvous was the first time the eight Crews, part of the St. George Trek, had seen each other since hitting the trail a week earlier. The St. George Trek, sponsored by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, is meant for Catholic Scouts who want to hike Philmont in a religious context. Up to two Scouts can be nominated by each diocese and apply to go on the trek. Father Gerard Gentleman, the director of the trek, then selects applicants who have the physical capabilities and the emotional and spiritual maturity to fulfill all trek requirements. “It’s similar goals,” said Gentleman about why Scouting

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that would be 32, who were all Eagle Scouts. Everything was paid for by Sears and Roebuck,” said McNeil. McNeil recently returned to Philmont to drop off his grandson, Jesus Gonzales, for the beginning of his STEM Trek. Eager for his grandson to have similar experiences, McNeil recounted some of the highlights from his own Trek. “We were noted for our campfires, some of the guys in 32 had photographic memories and they would memorize these long

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