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AUGUST 4TH, 2017

Philmont at the National Jamboree

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Staying green Andrew Kliewer Staff Writer

David O’Neill Associate Director of Program

While thousands of Scouts scoured the backcountry of Philmont over the last two weeks, a very special event was gearing up and taking place just 1,500 miles away at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve: the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. This every fouryear event brought over 30,000 Scouts, leaders, and staff from all corners of the country and globe to the BSA’s official home of the National Jamboree. Activities at a National Jamboree range from traditional Scouting merit badges to exciting adrenalin pumping events! Program areas included Aerial Sports (zip lines, challenge courses, climbing), Target Sports (shooting and archery), Extreme Sports (BMX and Skateboarding), Mountain Biking, Aquatics (paddle boards, SCUBA, kayaking), ATV’s, and much more. There were even displays set up by each branch of the military, the Order of


Maintenance Staffer Andy Schmit (left) assists Ranger Chris Peterson in moving a large wooden tie to improve Cimarroncita’s parking lot. Tanner Britton/PhilNews

Elizabeth Harper Staff Writer

In 2015 Philmont purchased Cimarroncita, a neighboring tract of land that used to be a summer camp, and added 2,684 acres of wilderness to Philmont’s expansive property. “Right now, it’s currently being used for inbound and outbound crews,” said General Manager Kevin Dowling. “They’re hiking up to Minnette Meadows, which is an unstaffed camp we built in 2016, and are accessing Philmont

from Minnette Meadows. The crews use the Ute Park Turnaround, on the northern border of Cimarroncita, to start their journey into Philmont’s backcountry. Cimarroncita will not be used for a new staff camp due to its close proximity to Highway 64. For the last 12 months, Philmont has been working on developing the property, deciding which of the already-present facilities to keep and upgrade and which to get rid of, while determining how best to use the land.

“At this point our plans are, we’ve evaluated, structurally, all of the buildings and decided which ones that we think that we’re going to keep,” Dowling explained. “There’s some structural integrity to some of them. Most of the sheds and some of the stuff that’s dilapidated will be taken down sometime in the future.” In addition, several of the main buildings at Cimarroncita are in the process of being worked on. The community building, called the kiva, is almost done being Continued on page 8

When Scouts set out on their journey into the Philmont Backcountry, one of the first and most important principles they are introduced to is Leave No Trace. Designed to preserve the Ranch for generations far in the future, LNT principles include familiar concepts such as one-piece trash, compacting waste, and proper disposal to avoid environmental impacts. At least once a week, trash is hauled away in Suburbans and pickup trucks, leaving the Backcountry pristine and litter free. However, while out of the purview of Backcountry staff and Scouts, the accumulated waste is far from the end of its journey. The responsibility then falls on Philmont’s Sustainability Team to mitigate the impact as much as possible, with Conservation staff and Rangers hand sorting the Ranch’s recycling to ensure that it doesn’t become somebody else’s problem. The Sustainability Team emerged organically in the late 2000s, when several Cons staffers began collecting recyclables in Continued on page 4

Friday, August 4, 2017

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