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Nov 3, 2017 - Discover ways to do more with less, innovations that overcome cutbacks, and solutions that power your past slowdowns. PlAn yOuR DAy!
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moscone west convention center

IT ROADMAP 2010 returns TO SAN FRANCISCO! The annual, one-day conference & expo that costs nothing to attend. That’s close to home, brings out IT’s best and brightest and is the choice of 8,000 IT pros from coast to coast. Discover ways to do more with less, innovations that overcome cutbacks, and solutions that power your past slowdowns.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center

Discover everything you need to know to make informed technology decisions for your enterprise for the year and years ahead — in just one day. This is a technology event unlike any other for IT professionals — one that’s uniquely focused on letting you explore the most relevant technology trends that are likely to have the biggest impact on your business, such as:

What keeps IT Roadmap growing strong after six years? • Top industry analysts, including presenters who bring fresh perspectives on today’s biggest IT challenges and trends. • More experienced end users, who share their insights into new, successful technology implementations. • Leading technology providers, who answer your questions and help you make informed purchase decisions for your business.

• Cloud Computing & Virtualization • Convergence & Wireless • Data Center Strategies, Architecture & Trends • Managing, Controlling & Optimizing Application Delivery • The Secure Enterprise & Evolving Threat Landscape • Network & Infrastructure Management • The Mobile, Connected & Distributed Enterprise • Unified Communications & Collaboration

IT Roadmap San Francisco / November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center /

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center

We’re bringing our best back to San Francisco “IT Roadmap is a great opportunity to pick up knowledge from peers, meet with vendors to discuss solutions, and see what other companies are doing in their environments. I would definitely recommend attending.

What keeps IT Roadmap growing strong after six years? • Integrated learning, that includes ROI workshops, technical tutorials, implementation strategy sessions, keynote addresses and roundtable discussions. • Fresh perspectives & technology insights on today’s biggest IT challenges and trends from your industry colleagues and IT professionals.

- JB Poplawski, Network Engineer, Northrop Grumman

“IT Roadmap Conference and Expo was a fantastic event! The wealth of knowledge and large number of companies in the expo really helped me move forward on a number of projects I had on the back burner. I highly recommend attending.” - Stewart Armstrong, Network Administrator, Mount Vernon Mills

“IT Roadmap Conference & Expo is extremely informative, with interesting and relevant presentations. I would recommend this conference to any IT professional seeking state-of-the-art solutions to some of the most pressing problems that we are faced with today.” - Andy Dekker, Lead Technician, Kaiser Permanente

IT Roadmap San Francisco / November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center /



Registration Opens and Complimentary Breakfast

8:45 - 9:00

IT Roadmap Welcome & Overview John Dix, Editor-in-Chief, Network World

9:00 - 9:45

Executive Keynote Presentation: Innovation and Transformation of City Government Chris Vein, CIO, City of San Francisco

9:45 - 10:15 Morning Panel Discussion Moderator: John Dix, Editor in Chief, Network World, Ralph Loura, CIO, The Clorox Company, Richard Rothschild, Senior Director of IT, Facilities & Security, TiVo, Chris Vein, CIO, City of San Francisco 10:15 - 10:30 Networking Break CHOOSE A MORNING TRACK 10:30 Sessions include Analyst Overview, Partner Presentations, and End User Case Study 1. Cloud & Virtualization Roadmap with Ken Male

2. Convergence & Wireless Roadmap

3. Data Center Roadmap with Ted Ritter

with Robin Gareiss

4. Managing, Controlling 5. The Secure Enterprise & Optimizing Application Roadmap with Andreas Antonopoulos Delivery Roadmap with Jim Metzler

12:30 Lunch & Expo (Lunch served until 2:00; Expo open until 4:30) CHOOSE AN AFTERNOON TRACK “Help Me Build My Business 2:10 Case” Workshops

4:00 - 4:30

Implementation Strategy Sessions

Problem-Solving Technical Tutorials & New Technology Demonstrations

oderated Table Discussions M in the Expo

Cocktail Reception and Prize Passport Drawing in the Expo: win an Apple iPad, San Francisco 49ers Tickets, a Flip SlideHD Video Camera and more! (You must be present to win.)

IT Roadmap San Francisco / November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center /

IT Tracks Today’s most important topics in IT covered in depth, in a single day. 1. Cloud & Virtualization Roadmap

2. Convergence & Wireless Roadmap

Cloud Computing and Virtualization: How the Global 2000 Are Evolving Their IT Infrastructure

Crucial Intersection: IT Converges Applications, Services, & Infrastructure to Support the Distributed Enterprise

Ken Male, Executive Vice Chairman and Founder, TheInfoPro How are the Global 2000 transforming their IT infrastructure to contemporary models? How is virtualization a key building block in the transformation? Why are public and private clouds increasing in popularity? And what lessons are the Global 2000 learning? In this session, TheInfoPro’s Ken Male will present findings from thousands of one-on-one interviews with Global 2000 IT decision makers, many of which cite the move as the foundation for unified global service and application delivery with the a goal of getting the IT infrastructure out of the way of the application and user communities. You’ll learn how these organizations are evolving their infrastructure to the use of internal and external cloud architectures -- and you’ll find out how virtualization is playing a key role in the evolution.

Robin Gareiss, Network World Columnist; Executive Vice President and Sr. Founding Partner, Nemertes Research The convergence of all types of traffic over wireless and wireline infrastructure is vital to improving competitiveness. A growing virtual workforce requires access to data and applications in central data centers. Ballooning demand for highspeed voice, data, and multimedia applications available to any device at any location increase the need for a robust network. IT, networking, and applications teams must, therefore, provide a reliable, robust communications infrastructure, supporting a variety of integrated applications, including voice, high-definition video, Web conferencing, streaming media, text messaging, Web 2.0, and more. This session will provide best practices recommendations to answer: Which WAN, wireless, and mobile technologies make the most sense for your organization? What should be in your branch and mobility strategies? What unified communications and collaboration architectures should you deploy? How difficult is integration among vendors? When should you rely upon managed service providers? Learn how to architect and implement effective converged communications for your organization.

IT Roadmap San Francisco / November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center /

IT Tracks

3. Data Center Roadmap Architecting for Data Center Agility Ted Ritter, Senior Research Analyst, Nemertes Research Business needs and technological advances pull the data center in more directions all the time, and require it to change directions quickly and cleanly. To meet these challenges, IT must reassess and re-imagine its data center strategies. By making wise and flexible use of the spectrum of sourcing options available, from do-ityourself to infrastructure-as-a-service, IT must put agility, risk management, and cost management at the center of its thinking about how to provision and deliver services. This session will explore current trends in data centers, examine how enterprises should make choices about sourcing, and discuss the roadmap for re-architecting the in-house data center in ways that allow it to scale services up or down on the fly, to waste fewer resources (power, space, human), and to turn on a dime to pursue new opportunities or abandon failed strategies.

4. Managing, Controlling & Optimizing Application Delivery Roadmap Managing, Controlling and Optimizing Application Delivery Jim Metzler, Network World Columnist; President, Ashton Metzler & Associates It was only a few years ago that IT organizations began to systematically focus on ensuring acceptable application delivery. They did so by deploying a first generation of solutions that were intended to mitigate the impact of chatty protocols such as CIFS (Common Internet File System), to offload from servers computationally intensive processing such as TCP termination and multiplexing, and to provide visibility into the performance of applications. While these solutions continue to play an important role, additional challenges – and solutions – are emerging to deal with the issues raised by server, desktop and storage virtualization as well as public and private cloud computing. In this session, you’ll understand some of the new and long-standing application delivery challenges -- and how to apply contemporary strategies and solutions to your best advantage.

IT Roadmap San Francisco / November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center /

IT Tracks

5. The Secure Enterprise Roadmap Securing Against the Evolving Threat Landscape Andreas Antonopoulos, Network World Columnist; Senior Vice President & Founding Partner, Nemertes Research In their constant arms race with cyber-criminals, security professionals must refresh and broaden their knowledge. New technologies and applications—cloud computing, social computing, rich internet applications and collaboration—make that a constant and growing challenge. Continuing changes in building and delivering applications demand new security strategies, architectures and technologies, forcing us to re-evaluate everything we knew about security: perimeter defenses, defensein-depth, compliance and audit. What are your most critical assets? Where do you apply security devices and controls? How do you manage risk and without sacrificing agility? This session provides actionable guidance on how best to protect critical assets in the face of ever-increasing threats. Beyond exploring security trends and best practices, it lays out a critical roadmap to refocused, improved security for enterprises facing rising compliance burdens while increasingly mixing in-house and outsourced services, federating with partners and suppliers, and providing ever greater access and services to users.

IT Roadmap San Francisco / November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center /


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IT Roadmap San Francisco / November 3, 2010 / Moscone West Convention Center /