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ITAS 103 is a version of this online course and is being taught as a. “blended course”, the first of its kind at Wellesley College. This means that we will meet in ...
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ITAS 103


Dive into Italian language and culture this Fall 201 4 ! Take

Take the first ever “blended” course at Wellesley College!


Italian diver, Tania Cagnotto, Gold Medalist at the European Championships, March 2011 CE

Tomb of the Diver, Paestum, Italy, 480 BCE


Daniela Bartalesi-Graf


Tuesdays 2:50-4:00pm Wednesday 3:35-4:45pm Friday 2:50-4:00pm


Green 428


Tuesdays and Fridays, 1:00-2:00 pm., and by appointment


Founders 217 (History Department) ext. 3689


[email protected]





August, 2014


COURSE OVERVIEW Benvenute! ITAS 103, Intensive Beginning Italian, is an introductory course to Italian language and culture. It covers the equivalent of first-year Italian (ITAS 101 + 102) in one semester, and prepares you for ITAS 203, which is offered in spring 2015 (the equivalent of second year Italian, i.e. ITAS 201 + 202). No previous knowledge is required. The material you will study in this class was successfully tested in an entirely online course in summer 2014, taken by about 250 students, all of them either Wellesley alumnae, prospective high school students, or incoming Wellesley College first years. ITAS 103 is a version of this online course and is being taught as a “blended course”, the first of its kind at Wellesley College. This means that we will meet in class three times a week, but do a substantial amount of work online outside the three class periods: to prepare for class you will watch videos, interviews, and narrated slides, and complete a variety of online activities. Class time will be primarily devoted to the practice of what you have already learned online. Methods employed in class include conversational and roleplaying activities. The intensive track you are beginning with ITAS 103 continues in spring 2014 with ITAS 203, and allows you to complete your language requirements in one year. At the end of ITAS 203 you will be prepared to take our literature and culture courses in fall 2015. The intensive track is also ideal if you plan to spend a semester or a year abroad through our study abroad program in Bologna during your junior year. Here is the link to the Bologna program: Ecco Program in Bologna NO TEXTBOOKS REQUIRED No textbook is necessary for this class: all material will be available to you online 24/7 through the edX platform. However, for your convenience, we have organized all printable material (grammar August, 2014


explanations, examples and charts, vocabulary lists, scripts of videos, interviews and readings) in a bound booklet that you may purchase at our bookstore, online or in person. The same material is also available online, so the purchase of the booklet is optional. EDX PLATFORM ITAS 103 uses the edX platform to deliver all video and written material. This platform has been tested by thousands of students around the world, as edX is one of the major organizations for the production and delivery of Moocs (massive open online courses). However, our course will not be open to the general public. Please register as soon as possible on and take some time at the beginning of our course to navigate the site and get familiar with the different course components. COURSE ORGANIZATION Each one of us has a different style of learning, especially when it comes to foreign languages. For this reason, we have designed this course so that each lesson will have the same content presented in multiple ways. These can be viewed and studied in any order you prefer. A detailed syllabus for each unit will be your guide for class preparation indicating when exercises, tests and entries in the discussion