of one proton and one electron. Etymology. The word hydrogen originates from the Greek words hydro. (water) and gennao (to generate). So called because it ...
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HYDROGEN - the origin of the universe, WATER - the source of life. IZUMIO is created by binding these two forces together. Hydrogen exists in water and most organic compounds, but we never notice its existence in our daily lives. Yet, it is an indispensable element that sustains our lives. For example, carbohydrate and fats give our body energy. When our body utilises the energy from these nutrients, hydrogen plays an important role. In other words, hydrogen is a key substance for all living organisms. Water is formed when hydrogen and oxygen are combined. Water comprises 65% of a typical adult's body weight. It performs vital functions for our daily activities as it delivers the required nutrients to every part of the body and regulates our body temperature, all of which are crucial to our existence.

Six outstanding features of IZUMIO Keywords for IZUMIO Explore the excellence of IZUMIO Now available: New 200ml package

Frequently Asked Questions

The highest concentration of dissolved hydrogen ever achieved: 2.0mg/L (after packaging) *1

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is -500 to -700 mV (after packaging) *1

The most striking feature of IZUMIO lies in its extremely high ratio of dissolved hydrogen in the water. IZUMIO stands out amongst similiar existing technologies as the product with the highest concentration of hydrogen dissolved in water.

IZUMIO has an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of -500 to -700 mV (after packaging)*1. ORP refers to the value indicating the oxidation reduction ability of a substance. A positive value denotes the potential for oxidation; a negative value denotes the potential for reduction.

· 1mg/L = 1ppm The unit "mg/L" denotes the concentration of dissolved hydrogen while the unit "ppm" refers to the amount of hydrogen present.

Delicious hydrogenated and mineral-rich drinking water

Advanced membrane dissolution technology

Name: Hydrogenized drinking water

IZUMIO is produced by membrane dissolution technology*2, dissolving hydrogen into water and filling this hydrogenated water into an aluminium film packaging. IZUMIO is the first beverage to use this highly innovative method to achieve high levels of dissolved hydrogen.

Raw materials: Water, hydrogen Content: 200ml Nutrition Information (per 200ml): Calories 0Kcal Protein 0g, Fat 0g Carbohydrates 0g, Sodium 0mg Package: Aluminium film packaging To be consumed within a year of the manufacture date

High purity water with oxygen removed To increase the absorption rate of hydrogen for IZUMIO, a degassing technology was adopted to remove the oxygen in the water. This also helps to prevent the dissolved hydrogen from oxidising.

With innovative technology, IZUMIO is a delicious, mineral-rich drinking water with a greater concentration of dissolved hydrogen.

*1 Hydrogen dissolution ratio and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) changes over time. "After packaging" refers to the time when the aluminium film packaging has been filled with IZUMIO during the production process.

*2 This process enables hydrogen to dissolve into water via a fine thin membrane that only allows the gas to pass through. An artificial lung used in medical surgery also uses the same technology for respiration (the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide).