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Remain in the Kiss and Ride Lane on the left at all times. Even if the buses have all arrived, cars should not be using the bus lane as students and staff walk ...
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What’s Up Whiteoaks January 2018 Dear Whiteoaks Families,

Coming This Month

Welcome back! We hope the holidays were filled with lots of family time. In this edition of our newsletter we have tried to include some highlights from December and some information about upcoming events in January.

19— Booster Juice at 2nd NB

Thank you to our grade four team, students and teachers for their presentations at our last Spirit Assembly. They used song, dance and reader’s theatre to help students learn about inclusion. Our grade three classes will be sharing at the next assembly.

26—Popcorn Day (stay tuned for details)

On behalf of everyone at Whiteoaks, we hope that the new year is filled with good health and fun filled times with family and friends.

22— Report Card Writing Day (no school for students) 26—Deadline for FI registration at 4:00

26, 29, 30, 31— Grade 3 trips to Britannia School House 31— Skating for grades 3, 4, 5

Don’t Forget January 26th at 4:00 is the deadline for registering for grade 1 French Immersion. Kindergarten parents please don’t forget to go online and register if you are interested in the program for your child.

Whiteoaks Public School

Principal: Linda Lee

Superintendent: Nina Jaiswal

1690 Mazo Cres.

Vice-Principal: Christine Barnes

Assistant: Maria De Sousa

Mississauga, Ontario

Office Manager: Jolanta Nolevski

Phone: 905-366-8800

L5J 1Y8

Office Assistant: Carrol Bryan

Trustee: Brad Macdonald

Phone: 905.822-0451 Fax: 905.822-5973

Phone: 905-593-354

Teaching and Learning Snuggle Up and Read

Thanks to a generous contribution from our School Council we have been able to buy $5000 worth of books to use in our primary home reading program. Books have been bought at the students’ independent reading levels so that they are able to practice reading nightly at home. These will be books that students should be able to read on their own and will help to build their reading fluency. We are in the process of labelling all the books and hope to have them in the hands of our students early in the new year. Students are still encouraged to take home books from our Library Learning Commons. For our primary students these books may often be too hard for them to read independently. They are great for parents to read with their child. These books helped to build vocabulary and reading comprehension. We hope that 2018 is a great year for reading at Whiteoaks! Junior students should stay tuned as our Silver Birch program will be running soon. Get ready for some new books!

Our First Water Bottle Filling Station Our first water bottle filling station is finally up and operational! The water bottle filling station allows students to fill water bottles with ease and is operated by a sensor. The station also records the number of bottles we are saving by filling reusable bottles. We have another station on order and hope to see it in the new year. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our School Council, we have been able to purchase the two water bottle filling stations.

Teaching and Learning The Giving Tree 2018

Dr. B visits Grade One

Thank you to every one who helped with the Giving Tree over the holiday season. We were able to provide gifts for children in six different families.

The grade one classes had a great time learning about energy with Dr. B. She also visited our grade 5 classes this month and did even more sessions on energy. Thanks to our School Council for supporting these experiences for the students.

Hour of Code We had approximately 80 students involved in the Hour of Code. Students came into the Library Learning Commons during the nutrition break for a week and used various coding applications. We participated in this as part of an initiative of Computer Science educators. We also had students coding during their computer periods, even our kindergarten students. Thank you to Mme Goulden for supervising these nutrition breaks.

Teaching and Learning Origami Club Mr. Gallant has been meeting regularly with our active paper folders! They have been creating many interesting creations using origami.

Me to We Club

Our Me to We club raised over $1000 during their gift extravaganza. The students worked hard over the nutrition breaks to fill gift orders that had been placed online. Thank you to all the students who participated. A big shout out to Mme Gregory, Mrs. Ghaffarpour, Mrs. De Groote, Mrs. Lavalley, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Eastwood and Mme Currell for supervising this event.

Teaching and Learning Sock Drive in 5C

Living Arts Centre Trip

The students in Mme Gregory’s class have been learning about homelessness and decided to collect socks for people in need. They collected 166 pairs of socks. Way to go 5C!

Our grade 5 classes went to the Living Arts Centre for a day of visual arts and movement. It was a fun filled day.

Ripley’s Aquarium Trip The grade 2 classes visited Ripley’s Aquarium early in December. They saw many interesting under the sea creatures!

Teaching and Learning Our Makerspace is Growing! We are building our Makerspace area in our Library Learning Commons. Makerspace is an area where students can create using all sorts of different materials. It is a space that allows them to use their creativity. Part of our Makerspace area is a Lego Wall. Thanks to Mme Gregory and Mme Goulden our Lego Wall is finished and ready to be used by our students.

Intramural Basketball Our grade 4 and 5 students have just wrapped up their intramural basketball season. They enjoyed this opportunity to exercise, cooperate and have fun! Thanks to Mr. Kim and Mr. McDonald for supervising this activity.

Safety Kiss and Ride Reminders We are asking for your support with some important safety procedures for using our Kiss and Ride system for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up of students. Please remember the following in order to keep our students and staff safe: 1. Remain in the Kiss and Ride Lane on the left at all times. Even if the buses have all arrived, cars should not be using the bus lane as students and staff walk across this bus lane to access the yard. 2. Please remain alert as a driver. It is important to keep your eyes out for the signal of the staff to move forward or stop. We try to keep traffic moving by directing our buses and other vehicles in the lanes. We will also direct you to drive almost to the end of the K and R lane so that we might unload two cars in front of the bus. 3. Please remind your children to prepare to exit the vehicle. They should be ready to exit as soon as a staff member gives the student the signal to exit the vehicle or the staff member opens the door. 4. Please put your car in park and ensure that the staff member is clear of your vehicle before accelerating. Mittens can sometimes get stuck in door handles and we may have to open your door again. Thank you for supporting our efficient and safe Kiss and Ride.

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