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May 30, 2016 - THE CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN HONG KONG ... CanCham is one of the largest Canadian business organizations outside.
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Hong Kong



May 30 2016

THE CANADIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN HONG KONG (CanCham) Founded in 1977, CanCham is a proactive, non-government body that provides an extensive networking platform for some 1,000 participants with business interests in Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the broader Asia-Pacific region. CanCham is one of the largest Canadian business organizations outside of Canada, one of the leading and most active international chambers in Hong Kong, and an influential business group in Asia-Pacific. Like Canada itself, the Chamber's strengths are built on the diversity of its members who range from blue-chip Canadian and well-known Hong Kong corporate names through to local start-ups. PRESIDENT ROLE Under the Memorandum of Association, CanCham may employ a President and other employees who shall be selected by the Executive Committee (ExCo) and whose duties and remuneration shall be determined by the Executive Committee. The President shall not have voting status. The President is a full-time paid employee. POSITION SUMMARY The President of CanCham is responsible for the successful performance of CanCham and is accountable for the overall leadership and management of CanCham in achieving its strategic objectives. The President will understand our Vision, execute our Mission and operate consistently with our Values. The President is accountable for managing and overseeing the day-to-day operation of CanCham in implementing CanCham’s strategic and financial plans. The President is the main spokesperson for CanCham and is expected to work closely with ExCo, our members and key external stakeholders to execute CanCham’s mission. The President manages a team of eight staff plus any additional interns. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES ▪ Membership Growth and Engagement - Drive, grow and develop a robust membership, including enhancing member retention and member engagement. ▪ Networking - Provide networking and outreach opportunities for our members in the form of events of interest, and other committees in order to maximize opportunities for productive and beneficial interactions and communication for our CanCham community. ▪ Relationship Management - Work closely to cultivate relationships with key stakeholders as below. Work closely to build relationships with government representatives, including the Consulate

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General of Canada and the Provincial Government Trade Offices, on all senior government official visits and inbound business or trade missions. Financial and Business Management - Improve Chamber’s financial strength by managing our affairs to maintain a strong fiscal position to reinvest in areas most beneficial to our members. Develop and implement annual business and financial plans. Monitor and report progress to the Officers and ExCo. Leadership - Lead, develop and motivate a dynamic team. Cultivate a positive, open and caring performance culture and enhance employee morale. Advocacy – Monitor political developments and actively engage our members in order to act as their collective voice to the Hong Kong and Canadian governments on public policy issues of member concern.

KEY STAKEHOLDERS ▪ ExCo Members ▪ CanCham Members ▪ Corporate Sponsors ▪ Members and Volunteers of Support Committees and Interest Committees ▪ Canadian Government Offices including Consulate General of Canada and Provincial Government Trade Offices ▪ Canadian, Hong Kong and China business communities ▪ Hong Kong Government officials ▪ Other local and international business chambers ▪ Members of the Governors’ Council POSITION REQUIREMENTS ▪ Over 10 years of business management experience ▪ Demonstrated commitment to relationship management and client satisfaction ▪ Strong interpersonal and networking ski