parents' evenings, careers events, open days and other publicity and public relations ... Mac computers, three darkrooms, high tech recording studios and a.
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JOB PURPOSE The person appointed will teach on the FdA Photography in Practice. In addition you may be required to deliver on other Creative Arts programmes including FE photography. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The person appointed will be responsible to the appropriate Curriculum Manager and ultimately to the Head of Faculty, for the following:-

•   To lecture on the FdA Photography in Practice. Experience and/or ability to deliver to Degree Level would be implicit. •   A keen practical and professional interest in teaching broad based photography activities supported by a clear understanding of Design processes at a higher level. •   To work in close co-operation with the Curriculum Manager and fellow Tutors in creating and producing projects and schemes of work. •   To offer new ideas and help develop and change course content. •   To inspire confidence and generate original, creative and practical ideas in students. •   To form and develop good industrial/professional contacts and clients with a view to work experience where appropriate. •   Tutorship of a group of students, showing sensitivity to their needs and encouraging the highest possible standards. •   An ability to “see” and “pose” questions in relation to the possible links, harmonies and dichotomies at the heart of photography practice. •   To show a concern and involvement with historical, cultural and the theoretical side of their particular specialist teaching area and be willing to contribute where appropriate this aspect of course delivery.

JOB DESCRIPTION •   Co-ordinating all marketing activities which will include: o   Production of literature. o   Organising visits with feeder institutions. o   Being proactive in raising the profile of the course. •   Undertake the following specific non-teaching duties: o   Ensuring course administrative procedures are carried out. o   Taking part in the system of interviews for students applying for Photography. o   Assisting with the development and validation of new courses. GENERAL DUTIES In addition to the requirements of the post above, all members of the academic staff are required:

•   To complete all associated organisational/administrative work, preparation and marking. •   To deal with immediate student disciplinary and welfare problems. •   To keep and maintain specified student and class records. •   To plan, prepare, develop and evaluate courses and course materials, and where appropriate supervise course provision. •   To assist with administration, enrolment, pre-enrolment counselling and identification of consumer requirements •   To participate in Programme/School/College activities as requested, including parents’ evenings, careers events, open days and other publicity and public relations events. •   To participate and undertake Staff Appraisal and in-service training based on an assessment of individual and service needs. •   To meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the college’s Health and Safety Procedures. •   To undertake individual or collaborative research and consultancy work agreed by college management to be part of the lecturers’ current duties. •   To be prepared to operate on a flexible year as required; members of academic staff will normally be expected to work not more than two evenings per week on average. •   To undertake such other duties as may be commensurate with the grade of the appointment.



JOB DESCRIPTION SUPERVISION RECEIVED Day to day management is provided by the Curriculum Manager with ultimate responsibility to the Head of Faculty. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE The College standard Contract of Service applies.

Salary: Lecturer Scale 1-6: £13,882.80 - £18,332.40 per annum Hours of attendance: Part-time 22.2 hours per week Annual Leave: 213.3 hours per annum inclusive statutory