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JOB OFFER. Internship position in R&D. Job title. R&D intern. Role. Responsible for developing of immunostainings with microfluidic based device. Position type.
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JOB OFFER Internship position in R&D Job title

R&D intern


Responsible for developing of immunostainings with microfluidic based device.

Position type

4-6 months internship

Starting date

As soon as possible

Lunaphore Technologies is a young start-up company active in the in vitro diagnostics field developing a product based on a microfluidic technology to analyze tumor samples. Recently, the role of the immune system has become a leading topic in cancer research and therapy. Understanding the influence of the immune system can give insight in e.g. tumor progression and development of new drugs. The goal of this project is to use the existing microfluidic technology to develop and optimize protocols for staining of different types of immune cells on tissue sections. In this framework, we are looking for a motivated intern for performing the following tasks:

Key responsibilities Develop and optimize stainings on tissue samples using Lunaphore’s microfluidic platform Image acquisition and processing, data analysis and reporting Testing of new prototypes and contribution to further improvements

Skills Bioengineering or microengineering

Feeling comfortable in troubleshooting and directly interacting with the microfluidics and mechanical components of the Lunaphore device Experience with microfluidics or in a biology lab is a plus Strong analytical skills and ease to adapt to new environments Ideally some programming experience Fluency in oral and written English is a must

Contact information

If you are interested, send your application electronically (CV + cover letter and any additional supporting documents) to: [email protected] Lunaphore Technologies, EPFL Innovation Park, Building C, CH-1015 Lausanne