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Jul 30, 2018 - POSITION OVERVIEW. The Program Host provides program hosting and harm reduction support in SKETCH's. Creative Hub to support a safe, ...
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Program Host Program Director


Contract hourly position 32 hours/week

Salary range:

$37,205 - $44,765 *


0.8 FTE


September 10, 2018 – August 30, 2019


July 30, 2018


August 12, 2018 at 11:59pm

*Please note: This position’s salary range is based on a 40-hour week. This position is 32 hours and therefore the salary is calculated for a 32-hour work week. SKETCH Working Arts is a community-arts enterprise based in Toronto engaging young people homeless, on the margins, ages 16-29, coming from across Canada. SKETCH creates equitable opportunities for diverse young people to experience the transformative power of the arts; to develop their leadership and self-sufficiency in the arts; and to cultivate social and environmental change through the arts. POSITION OVERVIEW The Program Host provides program hosting and harm reduction support in SKETCH’s Creative Hub to support a safe, creative and cooperative weekly drop-in arts programming space for young people, 16-29, living homelessness or on the margins, navigating poverty. RESPONSIBILITIES The Program Host will work with placements and volunteers to ensure young people have support to participate in SKETCH’s programming opportunities. The role involves working closely together with the Program Coordination team to support cooperative and inclusive studio sharing amongst diverse young people and artists with a strong working knowledge in Harm Reduction. The Program Host is supervised by the Program Director. Hosting • • •

• • • •

Lead a team to run daily programming space, and ensure updated practices in harm reduction and conflict resolution are in place; Welcome and orient youth accessing SKETCH and support them with their integration into programs; Develop community referral resources and act as liaison for community partners to meet basic needs and harm reduction support from across the youth serving sector and support young people to access those resources; Support the tracking and collection of key statistics and logs; Support studio maintenance ensuring a clean and accessible space; Support crisis de-escalation and transformative justice processes to manage conflicts; Support the development of a Harm Reduction committee and work with Health and Safety committee through Operations. Full Job Description available at:

QUALIFICATIONS We highly value lived experience with a strong analytic framework, and/or Post-secondary education from a University or Community College in the area of Social Work, Addictions, Adult Education, and/or equivalent community-based education and training. Valid First Aid and CPR certificates are required and must be kept current every three years.

Essential Assets •

• • •

Must be participant-focused with excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to deal effectively with crisis and conflict, cope with trauma, ensure self-care, balance crisis support and counselling duties; Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to clearly convey information and ideas; Positive attitude, empathetic, flexible and dependable with strong initiative, the ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented atmosphere; Demonstrated cultural competency and awareness of cultural safety, ability to communicate with a wide variety of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences and socioeconomic status.

Strong Assets •

• • • • • • •

Knowledge of Harm Reduction practices to the needs of persons living with, at risk or affected by addictions, mental health challenges, and/or HIV or hepatitis C; Lived Experience or Deep Knowledge of Poverty and Oppressions; Anti-Oppression work or experience (or tr