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Job Posting – “Project Chief – Honduras” POSTING DATE:

December 19, 2017


January 15, 2018 at 11:59pm


International Bureau for Children’s Rights


Honduras Program Office

Work location:


BACKGROUND: The International Bureau of Children’s Rights is a non-governmental organization that has been upholding the rights of the child for more than 23 years in 45 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, in accordance with the commitments outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its optional protocols. Using an approach that is both participative and sustainable, we work with our partners in the field to promote and protect the rights of children, including those who are in contact with the legal system or affected by a humanitarian crisis caused by armed conflict or natural disaster. We also aim to prevent child exploitation, violence, abuse and neglect in all forms, particularly where sexual mistreatment is concerned. PROJECT OVERVIEW: REINFORCING THE CHILD PROTECTION SYSTEM IN HONDURAS, Honduras focuses on strengthening the capacity of the security forces, judges and social workers for the Protection of the Child in Honduras.

JOB SUMMARY: The Project Chief (PC) reports directly to the Program Manager (PM), located in IBCR HQ – Montreal Canada. The PC is responsible for the proper implementation of the Project ‘’ REINFORCING THE CHILD PROTECTION SYSTEM IN HONDURAS’’ , he/she will working toward strengthening the Child Protection capacities of key actors including security forces, justice and social work personnel while applying the mandate and the strategic directions of IBCR Office. The Honduras Project started in 2016 and shall be continuing until 2020. RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASKS Job Responsibility #1: Program Management • •

A- Program Implementation: Leads the development of operational plans, budgets, and strategic plans with the Project and Program Team, and reports the updates to the Program Manager. Ensures the successful completion of the project activities including achievement of project objectives, monitoring of indicators, implementation of the activities as calendarized, budget monitoring and quality deliverables according to the principles of the results-based management and procedures of the IBCR and the donor.

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Validates and consolidates the data collected by the technical team, suggests adjustments according to the data collection method and generates reports to the Program Manager. Ensures that learning initiatives and knowledge management are fully integrated in the operational work plan. Prepares donor narrative and financial reports and works plans, and submits to the PM for consolidation and review. Mobilizes governing bodies, working groups, relevant committees for coordination and consultation. Responsible of analyzing continuously the results and the impact of the project. Reports any discrepancies to Program Director, proposes changes in order to ensure project objectives are met. Ensures that IBCR institutional norms are fully implemented throughout the period of the project. B- Representation & Communication: Develops & implements an advocacy strategy in line with the project objectives; adjust it when necessary. Works with the Communications Department to develop and implement a communication strategy to the project. Communicates on regular basis with the institutional partners, local organizations, and Program Director. Leads and participates actively in the steering committee for the project in the presence of partner institutions and donor representative. Be aware of the security context of the project location, reports specific security issues to the management, communicates to field staff and staff on missions when needed, takes security measures and precautions, ensures that all staff are safe when