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instructional design, strategies, assessment, technology, and differentiated instruction, and to assist ... Bachelor's Degree minimum. •. Master's Degree preferred.
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Instructional Specialist- Special Education


Special Education Network Curriculum Coordinator


870—Spec Ed Support Services


ROLE AND PURPOSE: The primary role of the Instructional Specialist for special education is to provide consultation and support services in instructional design, strategies, assessment, technology, and differentiated instruction, and to assist teachers in providing instruction to students with disabilities who are eligible for Special Education services and supports. This includes assisting teachers in developing the skills to produce effective individual education plans, present content, implement classroom management, and to support parent and community engagement. QUALIFICATIONS: Education / Certification:  Texas Teacher’s Certification in Special Education and/or other certifications  Bachelor’s Degree minimum  Master’s Degree preferred Special Knowledge/ Skills:  Possess strong knowledge and skills related to curriculum, instructional design and delivery, and special education programs with specific knowledge which may include, but is not limited to: Transition, Deaf Education, Math, Reading/Language Arts, Alternate Curriculum, Pre-school programs for children with disabilities, Vocational education, PBIS and Speech and Language Therapy. Experience:  Three years teaching experience with students receiving special education services preferred MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I. INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT A. Collaborate with teachers, administrators, campus staff, peers, and outside agencies to provide the full continuum of supports and resources to meet student needs including differentiated instruction, modeling effective teaching practices, and developing accommodations and modifications to facilitate progress toward the IEP goals and objectives. B. Provide teacher/campus coaching support in order to build campus level professional capacity. C. Collaborate across departments for curriculum development, curriculum assessments, professional development activities, and campus support for teachers and paraprofessionals in grades EE-12. D. Implement a systemic and sustained approach to professional development. E. Apply research-based and current educational and instructional strategies to the professional development design process for EE-12 teachers and paraprofessionals. F. Obtain and use data to examine curriculum and instructional program effectiveness, and design, implement, and measure the effectiveness of program interventions. Assist teachers in data collection, analysis, interpretation, and in the development of the draft IEP. G. Implement and evaluate actions designed to meet and exceed the district instructional goals in Special Education. H. Apply legislative decisions and regulations to the design and implementation of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) for all eligible students. I. Coordinate the design and implementation of processes and procedures for the identification of appropriate instructional supports and implementation of individualized educational programs. J. Collaborate with campus administrators to monitor student response to specially designed instruction. K. Exhibit proficiency in computer usage and instructional technology.


June 2015

SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Have a working knowledge of district policies and practices that relate to the department. B. Communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders across departments to ensure universal design of curriculum and instruction for all learners. C. Create and monitor a collegial and team oriented atmosphere within the Special Education department.


SCHOOL/ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Possess a broad knowledge of effective instruction, including research-based and best practices for multiple grade levels of instruction. B.