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Master's Degree from accredited institution ... E. Keep abreast of developments in instructional methodology, learning theory, curriculum trends and content.
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REPORTS TO: Campus Principal



DEPARTMENT: Title I School



ROLE AND PURPOSE: Assist in directing and managing the Title I campus instructional programs, climate and culture and operations. Provide leadership to ensure high standards of instructional, social and emotional service to all students. Assist in the effective and efficient operations of the campus, which includes curriculum, specialized programs, staff development, and assessment. To create a comprehensive plan that ensures all children meet the state's challenging academic standards. QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification: • Master’s Degree from accredited institution • Administrator’s Certificate issued by Texas Education Agency Experience: • Three years successful teaching experience SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: • Thorough knowledge of curriculum and instruction • Ability to evaluate instructional program and teaching effectiveness • Ability to coordinate district staff development • Ability to implement and interpret policy, procedures, and data • Ability to accurately and appropriately analyze and interpret assessment results for the purpose of designing and modifying instruction • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: A. INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT A. Partner with district and campus level leadership in directing instructional and curriculum services to meet all teachers and students’ needs B. Plan, implement, and evaluate instructional programs with teachers, including learning objectives, instructional strategies, and assessment techniques C. Apply research and district data to improve the content, sequence, and results of the teaching and learning process D. Involve instructional staff in evaluating and selecting instructional materials to meet student learning needs E. Keep abreast of developments in instructional methodology, learning theory, curriculum trends and content F. Evaluate the effectiveness of instructional units and teaching strategies G. Provide guidance that improves teachers’ classroom practices H. Interpret and use data (including but not limited to standardized and other test results) for diagnosis, instructional planning, and program evaluation I. Obtain and use evaluative findings, including student achievement data, to examine curriculum and instructional program effectiveness J. Assist in planning and providing effective staff development activities that incorporate the mission of the district, program evaluation outcomes, and input from teachers and others B. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Support common vision for school improvement with staff. Direct planning activities and put programs in place with staff to ensure attainment of school and district vision B. Consults and collaborates effectively with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators and other educational/community resources regarding students with identified concerns and needs C. Consult with classroom teachers on behavioral management strategies and assist with their implementation D. Seek, implement and evaluate appropriate systems to promote and monitor progress of students’ social and emotional development

E. Encourage positive parent and community involvement. C. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Partner with campus principal, other campus staff, and district Administration in identifying, analyzing, and applying research findings to promote school improvement. A. Assist with federal and state Title I program evaluations. D. ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT A. Provides direction to a variety of faculty, staff, and student programs and services. B. Participate in informal classroom visitations and observations; provides recommendations, suggestions and strategies for improvement as appropriate. E. MISCELLANEOUS A. Performs other duties as