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REPORTS TO: Food Service Manager, FNS Supervisor. PAY GRADE: MT03 ... This position must uphold the standards of the program and provide a positive ...
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WAGE/HOUR: Non-Exempt

REPORTS TO: Food Service Manager, FNS Supervisor


DEPARTMENT: Food & Nutrition Services

DAYS: 185

ROLE AND PURPOSE: Responsible for overseeing daily food preparation, service of meals and clean-up of kitchen and serving areas in the most efficient manner possible. This position must uphold the standards of the program and provide a positive leadership role at the assigned location and while substituting as a Manager or Lead at other schools in the district as needed. Responsible for necessary paper work as required by the federal, state, local and district entities. QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification:  High School Diploma or approved equivalent.  Current Food Manager Certificate accepted by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Experience:  Two years of food service experience preferred. Special Knowledge/Skills:  Speaks, reads, writes and understands instructions in English; ability to plan, coordinate and produce work in the allotted time; computer literate; ability to handle money efficiently and perform routine mathematical calculations; ability to communicate effectively with administrators, teachers and parents. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I. INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT A. None. II.

SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Demonstrates positive interactions with students, following district and department guidelines.


SCHOOL/ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Cooperates with Manager to lead kitchen personnel in presenting planned promotions. B. Assure safety and sanitation policies and procedures are followed in kitchen.


ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT A. Responsible for opening and closing kitchen as needed. B. Accountable for daily food preparation, quality products, proper temperatures, food presentation, garnishing and portion control. C. Accountable for daily supervision of Food & Nutrition Services personnel, including enforcement of department policies and procedures. D. Works with direct delivery vendors and district warehouses to order, receive and store products to meet the menu and operational needs of the kitchen in an effective and accurate manner. E. Assists Manager in taking monthly inventory. F. Verifies, counts and prepares deposits on daily basis as directed. Completes other record keeping as assigned. G. Able to perform Cafeteria Manager duties when Cafeteria Manager is absent for short periods of time, which may include being accountable for daily receipt of deliveries to include submitting invoices weekly to the FNS Office; taking monthly inventory; managing or assisting with counting large sums of money; making deposits and other recordkeeping; etc. H. Places work orders for all necessary maintenance when managing a kitchen.




SCHOOL/COMMUNITY RELATIONS A. Responsible for leading kitchen personnel in healthy interactions with parents, staff, students and community; works to resolve questions, concerns or requests in a positive and cooperative manner. B. Responsible for excellent customer service in operation.


PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT A. Attends meetings and staff development as directed. B. Conducts training with Food Service Specialists as directed.


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES A. Supervises specialists in assigned kitchen, with regard to daily preparation, daily service and clean-up functions. Consults with Manager, to discuss and review employee evaluations and personnel issues.


MISCELLANEOUS A. Performs other duties as may be assigned.

The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or